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6 Tips to Plan a Staycation

If you’re feeling worn out, perhaps it’s time to plan a staycation. We are human beings, after all — not human doings.

Perhaps, like me, you sometimes measure the success of a day by how many tasks you get done. Most people I talk to say that they rarely feel like they accomplished everything they wanted to in a given day.

Putting too much pressure on ourselves to produce all the time can cause burnout. We’ve all been there!

A woman with her hair wrapped in a towel getting a massage during a staycation.

We know that we need times of rest and refreshing. Research confirms that regular rest will help our bodies rejuvenate and may even prolong our lives.

The thing is, life can be so busy sometimes and the To Do list can get so long that we can feel counterproductive and guilty for putting the brakes on. Do you know what I mean?

Recently I felt like I’d had too many nonstop work days. My body was telling me that it needed a break, so I decided to take a Staycation.

As you probably know, a Staycation is a vacation without the traveling part. You don’t have to go through security lines or squeeze your carry-on bag in the overhead compartment.

You get to simply enjoy some glorious time being right where you are. If you plan it right, a staycation can be a heavenly break.

Maybe you’d like to try taking a staycation. Here are some suggestions.

6 Tips to Plan a Staycation That Feels Like a Vacation

  1. Pick your day.  Mine was on a Friday, and the week before I let my clients know that I’d be out of the office. Just anticipating the time off ahead is half the fun! 
  2. Set your auto-responder the night before your Staycation so you can really take a break from e-mails. This is important! It’s not a true Staycation if you have to answer work emails.
  3. Impose a ban on your ‘To Do’ list. For this day, relish being a human being. 
  4. Stock up on your favorite food, snacks and drinks. I had Greek yogurt, fresh blueberries and granola for breakfast, homemade vegetable soup for lunch, ice cream in the afternoon and Chinese take-out for dinner. Everything tasted so fresh and good.
  5. Plan a splurge. I received a spa gift certificate for my birthday, so I scheduled a hot stone massage. It was so divine. Ahhhh…. Your splurge might be playing golf, or taking a yoga class, or going to the bookstore to find a new book, or taking a nap, or catching up on your favorite podcast or show. Have some fun during your Staycation
  6. Do some nice things for your body. Maybe you want to try some stretching or yoga. Drink lots of water. Eat some healthy food. Take a walk. Perhaps you simply want to have some quiet time to meditate, or pray, or write in your journal. Do something that makes you feel good on the inside.

How about you? Do you sometimes feel like a Human Doing instead of a Human Being? Could you use a Staycation?

Let’s make great memories at home, and seek simple ways to bring rest and refreshment into our busy lives.

If you treat yourself to a staycation, I’d love to hear about your experience in the Comments.

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