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7 Buffers to Calm a Busy Life

7 Ways to Buffer a Busy Day | #relax #recharge #balance #balancedlife


Dear friends,

Tell me if you can relate to my typical way of planning.

Let’s say I have a lunch appointment at 11:30. I’ll think, “Okay, it takes about 20 to 25 minutes to drive there, and five minutes to find a parking space, so I’d better leave at 11:00.

Then our dogs need to go out just as I’m ready to go, so I head out a little late. Traffic is heavier than I anticipated, so during the entire drive I feel rushed and anxious. When I arrive, Murphy’s Law is now in full effect and there are no parking places for blocks.

If I’d only given myself the gift of 10 or 15 extra minutes. With that small buffer of time, I wouldn’t arrive to lunch late and stressed.

Here’s an experiment. Take a nice, deep breath, and read this list:


7 Ways to Add Breathing Room to Your Days

1. Get up a little earlier and build in some quiet time for yourself in the morning.

2. Give yourself a cushion of an extra fifteen minutes to get where you’re going.

3. Take a nice walk or break during a busy work day.

4. Don’t make any plans for the next night following any evening event.

5. Leave some empty space in a drawer or cabinet.

6. Fund a little savings account with $1000 that just sits there untouched for unplanned expenses.

7. Create a soft place to land at the end of the day with a bedroom that is serene, clean and uncluttered.

How do you feel after reading the list?

Are your days balanced between productivity and calm? Or do you sometimes squeeze in too much like I do?

A Challenge

What can you do to bring breathing room and balance to your day?

Let’s give ourselves the gift of a little extra margin today.  I always love to hear your thoughts and experiences.

Best always,

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2 thoughts on “7 Buffers to Calm a Busy Life”

  1. My goodness you are reading my mind today. I have been wanting to stop hitting the snooze button so I did this morning and managed to have the time to stop for a few groceries and get fuel before work instead of stressing trying to do it at lunch or after work. I am hoping to start walking in the mornings as well, one of these days.


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