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Iced Coffee Recipe for Autumn

Iced coffee recipe from Happy Simple Living


I realize that many people consider iced coffee a summer drink, but to me it always seems a little robust on a blazing hot day. On the other hand, when the light shifts and the temperatures drop a bit, autumn feels like the perfect time to enjoy a cool, creamy java. What do you think? Care to join me for a glass?

If you remember to make extra coffee in the morning, you can refrigerate it for iced coffee. This requires planning ahead, though, which isn’t always my strong suit. If you want to enjoy iced coffee whenever you like, you can instead make a cold-brewed concentrate. I learned this technique from The Pioneer Woman’s blog, and it couldn’t be easier. I start with a 1-quart recycled glass bottle to make the strong brew, but you can use any size container you like and just adjust the quantities.

To begin, add 1/2 cup of finely-ground organic coffee to the bottle. You can use caffeinated or decaf coffee.


Add coffee to the bottle


Then add about 3 1/2 cups of cold, filtered water and give it a good shake. Let it steep in the refrigerator for a few hours, or overnight.


Making iced coffee concentrate


The next day, strain out the larger coffee grounds in a fine-mesh strainer:


Strain out the coffee grounds


Then put a coffee filter inside the strainer…


Preparing the filter for iced coffee


and strain the coffee mixture once again. This makes the concentrate nice and clear.


Strain the coffee through a filter


Wash out the bottle, and pour the strained coffee back in. You can store the cold coffee in the refrigerator for two to three weeks.


Making iced coffee concentrate


To make a perfect iced coffee, fill a glass with ice cubes and pour some of the strong coffee over it. You can drink it just like that if you’re a purist, or add milk and your favorite sweetener (I’m currently partial to organic coconut palm sugar) if you like. Or you can be extra-decadent and stir in a generous spoonful of sweetened condensed milk and top it off with half and half. It’s so, so good…


Iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk


How about you? Do you enjoy iced coffee, and if so, have you tried making your own? Is it still balmy in your part of the world, or is winter moving in? I always love hearing your thoughts and comments.


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  1. We drink a lot of iced coffee at our house, especially since summer is still hanging around in Louisiana in September! I’ve found that a piece of cheesecloth works just as well as the strainer. When I started making iced coffee, I didn’t have a strainer that fine, so the cheesecloth substituted perfectly for the first round of straining.

    • I love the cheesecloth idea, Katherine – especially since you could wash the cheesecloth and re-use it. Thank you for the tip! 🙂

  2. I’m allergic to coffee! On a different note, I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog Award. Check out my blog for instructions if you choose to accept. You are not obligated to.

  3. At work on a hot day I often feel like a pick up mid afternnon. so make a strong cup of coffee mid morning then add milk and stevia. I place it in a plastic bottle and pop into the freezer, turning over at lunchtime. By mid afternoon it has little ice crystals and is super cool, shake well and enjoy. Yummy


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