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A Visit to an Organic Rhubarb Farm

Donna Duncan in the rhubarb patch at High Altitude Rhubarb

Earlier this month, I drove to High Altitude Rhubarb in the Black Forest near Colorado Springs to check out the farm’s annual organic rhubarb harvest. Owners Dennis and Donna Duncan were on hand to offer rhubarb picking and planting tips, and they were handing out free samples of warm rhubarb crisp. Yum!

The farm offers pick-your-own rhubarb during rhubarb harvest season as well as rhubarb plants, roots and seeds plus some other products like  Colorado honey and rhubarb cookbooks. The Duncans’ web site is chock full of information about rhubarb, and has some unique rhubarb recipes, too, from Rhubarb Margaritas to Rhubarb Coffee Cake.

The farm grows a variety of plants — mostly heirloom varieties — both Red and green Victoria rhubarb. After Donna showed me how to harvest the rhubarb by pulling firmly up on the stalk, I took a basket and went picking.

I also brought home a rhubarb root that is now planted in our back yard. With a little luck we’ll be able to pick rhubarb here at the Urban Homestead in about three years, after the plant has matured. The Duncans guarantee their rhubarb roots, so if ours doesn’t ‘take’ Donna said they’ll replace it.

People seem to either really love rhubarb’s tart taste or hate it. How about you? Are you a rhubarb lover, and if so, how do you like to enjoy it? I’d love to hear from you.

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7 thoughts on “A Visit to an Organic Rhubarb Farm”

  1. Ah! We love the rhubarb farm, but I didn’t get to go this year. As soon as we get our garden figured out, I’m going to get some roots from them also.

  2. I love rhubarb. I have a large patch growing in my garden. It’s so nice having my own rhubarb since I am the only rhubarb lover in my house. My girls and hubbs don’t like it. More for me that way. I love rhubarb pie, cooked like a vegetable until mushy then add a sweetener and eat like apple sauce or jammed with strawberries. All versions are yummo. I haven’t attempted to eat them raw but have been told that it is delish to eat like celery. I’ll let you know what I think about that the next harvest, which will be shortly.

  3. I make Rhubarb Pineapple cherry or strawberry freezer jams and can’t seem to keep it long. I got allot of bottles given to me so I can put allot more up this year. I don’t put the pineapple in till the last 5 minutes so the flavour is boiled out of it.

    I am currently writing a book and one of my characters will own a rhubarb plantation. I was doing a search to find out where there are farms to make the book a tad realistic. Just had to email to let you know some day I would like to visit your farm. Best of luck in the future. I actually met a great friend that I used to get my rhubarb from but his harvests are dwindling.

  4. I love to eat rhubarb with Greek yoghurt. The creaminess of the yoghurt softens the sharpness of the rhubarb – a wonderful combination!


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