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3 Easy Ways to Reduce Junk Mail

Here are a couple of really easy ways to reduce junk mail. Tackle this task, and you’ll not only enjoy less paper coming in your home, you’ll keep trash out of landfills and help the environment.

Did you know that 100 million trees are cut down each year to produce junk mail? The average American receives about 41 pounds of unwanted mail a year.

A tall stack of junk mail.

No wonder I have such a hard time keeping the kitchen counter clear! One of my biggest ongoing challenges is managing the stack of paper that accumulates in the mail basket — which, truth be told, is overflowing right now to two additional stacks. 

Sorting and recycling unwanted mail wastes time and resources. Here’s what to do:

3 Ways to Reduce Junk Mail

Go to Opt Out Prescreen to have your name removed from the mailing lists used by the three major credit bureaus. It takes just a couple of minutes, and should reduce the number of credit card and insurance offers you receive. 

Visit Catalog Choice to cancel catalogs you no longer wish to receive.

To remove your name from national mailing lists, register online with the Direct Marketing Association’s (DMA) Mail Preference Service.

BONUS TIP: The PaperKarma mobile app will also remove you from junk mail lists. Take a photo of the mail you don’t wish to receive and they’ll contact the mailer on your behalf.

    Take these steps, and your mail volume should be reduced drastically. You might also want to stop delivery of unwanted phone books while you’re at it.

    Do you have any tips to add? Drop a comment below!

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