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5 Ways to Enjoy a More Peaceful Holiday Season

Do you long to enjoy a more peaceful holiday season? As Christmas approaches with its festive cheer and bustling activities, we can sometimes get caught in a cycle of overwhelming demands. In the midst of our cherished celebrations, taking care of ourselves can sometimes take a backseat.

However, by embracing intentional practices and mindful strategies, it’s possible to cultivate a more serene and harmonious holiday experience for both yourself and your loved ones.

These practical tips can help you experience a more peaceful holiday season, with time to foster connections and nurture a sense of tranquility amidst the joyful chaos.

An A-frame cabin in the middle of snowy woods.

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Preparing for a Guest Inspires the Best Christmas Ever

Some years ago, my friend’s mother in Norway decided to come for a Christmas visit. She would arrive for a long stay on December 1, so my friend worked quite hard to get the major holiday tasks done ahead of time.

Her November was very busy and she felt a little stressed, but then she had a nice surprise.

When her sweet Mama arrived, all of the holiday “chores” were done. Because my friend had done many tasks early to get ready for Christmas, she was able to relax and enjoy the holiday season — for the first time in her adult life.

They did fun things like decorating Christmas cookies and watching Hallmark movies, and mostly, they simply enjoyed time together — sweet, un-busy time.

Holiday Christmas lights - photo by Michael Gill.

Perhaps you’ve already figured out how to enjoy a low-key, peaceful holiday season. For others, the holidays can be a stressful season of excess spending, over-scheduling, not enough sleeep, and impossible expectations.

What if we take some steps eliminate the parts that no longer bring us joy, and focus on having more time to relax and enjoy the season with our loved ones?

5 Ways to Create a More Relaxing Holiday Season

1. Write a list or a few sentences about the experiences that would make this Christmas season feel really special to you. What would put the joy and meaning back into your celebration?

You may want to read “7 Ways to Enjoy a Simple Christmas” for some ideas.

2. Make a budget for gifts and festivities. Keep it realistic, and commit not to take on even one dollar of credit card debt this season.

3. Make a gift list. Talk to your friends and family, and challenge any tradition that involves exchanging gifts. You may find that others are in favor of spending time together enjoying special Christmas experiences rather than giving physical gifts.

4. Simplify. One of this blog’s most-read posts is the story about the McDonald family, who decided to drastically simplify their holidays—with very satisfying results. Check out “One Real Family’s Real Simple Christmas,” and you might be inspired to do the same.

5. Think about you. What would you like for Christmas this year? A new novel? Cozy slippers? Chocolate-covered caramels? Let’s all commit to finagling a little something special for ourselves this season, even if we have to do the buying or making.


10 Things on my Christmas Wish List

These are the some of things I hope to do this holiday season:

*Simplify and have time to relax.

*Make some old fashioned Christmas memories with my loved ones.

*Find ways to be generous.

*Have quiet time to meditate, read and pray.

*Seek to experience a more meaningful Christmas.

*Spend more thoughtfully on gifts, and avoid debt.

*Find earth friendly alternatives whenever possible, reduce Christmas clutter, and practice eco-friendly gift unwrapping.

*Eat well and get plenty of good sleep.

*Experience peace, gratitude and joy.

*Have more fun!

How About You?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about how you celebrate the holidays in a meaningful way. Drop a comment below!

P.S. Grateful thanks to Nina Matthews Photography for the wonderful Hope photo, and to Michael Gill for the crazy Christmas light photo.

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  1. Very timely, as I was just thinking I should suggest to my parents we spend Christmas at the caravan on their small farm. It’s everyone’s happy place and it’s hard to be much but simple with no water or electricity.


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