A Funny Little Toilet Paper Tip

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Have you ever faced this dilemma?

Almost empty toilet paper roll

It’s the almost-empty toilet paper roll. Does it have 13 squares left or 5? Will it be sufficient for the next visitor? It’s hard to tell, but basic tenets of thrift suggest that we not waste it.

On our last hotel stay, our kind cleaning staff handled the dilemma in a clever way I’d not previously seen:

How to use up toilet paper

The near-empty roll tucks right above the new roll and stays nicely in place. Isn’t that nifty?

How about you – did you already learn this trick years ago? Or do you have a different system for managing your dwindling rolls? Inquiring minds would love to hear your thoughts. (If you’d like to flush out this topic further, you may wish to read “Let’s Talk About Toilet Paper – Part 1” or “In Search of Good Toilet Paper – Part 2.”)

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