January Money Diet

January Money Diet

Could you stop spending money for 31 days?

If you were successful, what wonderful and significant thing could you do with the cash you saved?

Thousands of people from all over the world have started the year financially strong by participating in the January Money Diet and taking a month-long break from nonessential spending. This no-spend month explores ways to live well and have a fabulous timewithout spending cash.

“The January Money Diet was the perfect spring board for me in my journey of getting out of debt in 2015. I saved a total of $700 by only buying essentials. I’ll be using the extra cash to pay down one of my debts! What a great way to start the year.” – Kris, 2015 January Money Diet participant

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The 10th Annual January Money Diet begins January 1, 2019.

Throughout the challenge, Happy Simple Living posts money-saving tips, photos, recipes, do-it-yourself ideas, moneymaking strategies, challenges and reader suggestions to help you start the new year right. We also feature your tips and special prizes!

Here’s how to join the 2019 January Money Diet challenge:

1. Sign up now, and you’ll receive each January Money Diet post conveniently delivered to your e-mail InBox. (Immediately after you subscribe, you will receive an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. Your privacy is important, and we never share one iota of your information.)


2. Request to join the private January Money Diet Facebook Group for year-’round money-saving ideas, recipes and tips.

3. Leave a comment below pledging your participation. We’d love to know where you’re from, whether you’ve participated before, and any special money goals you have. Or you can simply say “I’m in!”

In 2018, we had participants from Germany, Australia, The Netherlands, England, Norway, South Africa, Dubai, Sweden, and Canada.

4. If you completed the 2018 January Money Diet, you are welcome to place one of these banners on your website, blog or social media site to show your participation. Just right click on the image and save to your device.

January Money Diet

January Money Diet

Here’s to a Bright New Year

When we stop mindless spending and focus on what really matters, money can be a means for us to do extraordinary things. If your financial situation is a source of worry or stress, I encourage you to join our like-minded community of people who take a spending break and get back on track.

Your first challenge will be delivered on New Year’s Day. My hope is that by participating in this group endeavor together, we’ll all start the new year a little wiser and a little richer — both personally and financially.

I’m here to support your goals and dreams, and I’m pulling for you.


January Money Diet

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