Make Your Own Heart-Shaped Decoration From Yes, Toilet Paper Tubes

I promised to give you the details about the green craft project I did during my Staycation, so here you go. I wanted something natural to hang in the dining room, and I found inspiration in plain old toilet paper tubes. You’re not going to believe what a pretty decoration you can make from such humble materials!

This heart is made from about 8 empty rolls, each flattened and cut in 6 pieces:

To make your creation, just lay out the little leaf-shaped pieces until you come up with a design you like and glue them together. A hot glue gun works great for this, but if you’re using regular glue like Elmer’s just attach some paper clips to help hold the pieces together if they don’t want to stick.

To finish the heart, I picked a few sprigs of dead grass and dried flowers from the garden, taped them together and glued the little bundles to the top of the piece. I hung it on clear push pins that are lightly tacked into the wall.

Amy over at Pennywise Cook painted her petals a pretty Tiffany blue, which looks nice, too.

If you get inspired to make a creation from toilet paper tubes, you know we’d all LOVE to hear from you and see what you come up with.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!

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Make Your Own Heart-Shaped Decoration From Yes, Toilet Paper Tubes

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