What Causes Stress, What Brings Peace

During my Staycation, I made a list of the things that seem to cause stress in my life and the things that, for me, bring peace:

Things That Make Me Feel Stressed

  • When the house or my office is messy
  • When I have too many deadlines and feel pressure
  • Too many e-mails
  • The television blaring
  • Lack of personal time
  • Too many hours at the computer
  • Debt
  • Not being able to find something
  • Feeling disorganized
  • Eating poor quality food
  • Overscheduling
  • Being in a hurry, rushing

What Brings Me Peace

  • Quiet time in the morning to reflect, meditate, write and pray
  • A clean house and office
  • Organization
  • Having enough money
  • Having the time or resources to help someone else
  • Taking a walk
  • Taking care of myself
  • Laughing
  • Quality time with my friends and family
  • Reading
  • Being with my kids
  • Practicing yoga
  • Creating something

What things cause you stress, and what brings you peace? I’d love to hear your comments, thoughts and strategies.

1 thought on “What Causes Stress, What Brings Peace”

  1. I would definitely have music on my list of things that bring peace – seems funny something that makes sound would be peaceful. Definitely has to be the right kind of music though.


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