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The PaperFree Challenge Starts Tomorrow

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Dear friends,

If you subscribe to this blog, you received an email from me last week bemoaning the fact that our household’s papers were multiplying while I sleep.

“I feel like I need a week of focused effort to deal with paper clutter,” I wrote. “Would you be interested in joining me?”

So many of you responded right away, and your notes were terrific.

“I struggle with this, too. My answer is YES!” wrote Steve.

“Yes! I’m swamped as I save everything…every receipt, every bill payment, you name it. Is there any hope for me?” asked Colette.

“I’m generally tidy and do regular clear outs to keep clutter down, but paper seems to breed!!!” wrote Michelle.

So starting tomorrow, I invite you to join the 7-day #PaperFree challenge. I’ll send you an email on Friday with all the details, or check back here to read the post.

Get ready to tackle the stacks HARD for the next week.

Are you in?

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  1. Oy! I could definitely use this. I’ve tried so hard to convert everything to digital, but still the paper accumulates. And since I hate filing it (plus, I never know what I need to keep and don’t) even when I manage to get the stuff off of my desk, it just ends up shoved into a file cabined drawer labeled “to be filed.” Help.


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