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Tackle the Hot Spot – PaperFree Day 1

PaperFree Day 1 | #declutter #decluttering #organizing


Dear friends,

If you’re joining the PaperFree challenge for the next 7 days, welcome!

Every day for the next 7 days, our collective challenge is to spend at least 20 minutes dealing with paper clutter. Each day, I’ll send you a new tip to help you not only get a handle on the existing clutter, but ways to reduce the amount of paper that comes in the door.

If  we dedicate a minimum of 20 minutes a day for seven days, we’ll spend almost 2 1/2 hours tackling the paper monster.

Eliminate the Hot Spot

Today’s challenge is to start with the Hot Spot–that place it seems like all homes have, where papers tend to naturally gravitate, congregate and multiply.


Hot Spot on Counter


The Hot Spot in our home is the kitchen counter. This place seems to be a catch-all for school papers, mail, bills, newsletters, flyers, and other things that make their way into the house.

So set your timer and work clearing the papers from the Hot Spot for at least 20 minutes today. That was just the right amount of time to tackle the papers on our counter.


Clean kitchen counter


If you share any part of your journey on social media, use the tag #paperfree so we can find you. We’d all love to hear what space you’re working on in the Comments section of this post, or over at the Facebook Money Diet Community.

Good luck tackling those papers, and you’ll hear from me again tomorrow with another challenge to help eliminate the Hot Spot for once and for all.

Here’s to less paper and more time and space!

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Thanks to Marco Verch for use of the dining table image above. 

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  1. Oh how I so desperately need to do this! Yes, I’m in, but tomorrow, not today…today the Italian is winning, the German will have to cool her jets! HA! But tomorrow, I think the German will roll out of bed in the morning and get ‘er done!


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