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Flower Arrangement Idea: Tulips and Asparagus

Tulip Arrangement at Happy Simple Living blog

I thought you might like to see the Valentine’s Day floral arrangement I made for my parents. The asparagus at the store is so beautiful right now, and when I saw a bunch with purple-tinged heads I was inspired to try combining it with purple tulips.

I first trimmed the ends of the asparagus and soaked them in water overnight to allow them to get fully hydrated. I cut the ends of the tulips at an angle and put them in a separate container of water with a copper penny. (Pennies had a high copper content until 1981, so keep your eyes out for an older one that you can put in the bottom of the vase. Tulips like copper, and if you try this trick  you’ll be amazed at how the tulips perk up and last longer.)

The next day, I arranged the asparagus in the vase first and then added the tulip stems. I finished it with a piece of ribbon that I tied to a toothpick and tucked near the edge of the vase. Since I already had an extra vase and the ribbon, the total cost for this bouquet was less than seven dollars – $4.99 for the tulips and $1.50 for the asparagus.

Do you make your own flower arrangements? We’d love to hear your creative ideas. Drop a comment below!

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  1. Funny, but I just blogged about this! We’re staying home. Could sound rather humdrum—but I’m excited because this will be a creative and meaningful Valentine’s Day. We’ll make a tasty vegetarian lasagna (from my own spontaneous “recipe”) and a chopped salad with veggies fresh from the farmers’ market. After dinner, we’ll clear off the table and … make our own Valentine’s Day cards with our own personal messages right on the spot!


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