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Favorite Thanksgiving Recipes

Favorite Thanksgiving recipes | Happy Simple Living blog

Dear friends,

Happy Thanksgiving week! Will you be hosting dinner, or perhaps bringing a dish to share? Or will you be enjoying a quiet celebration?

My newly-married niece and her husband will be hosting all 17 of us this year, and I can’t wait to be together. I come from a family of good cooks, and one thing I know for sure is that the food will be great.

These are some of our favorite Turkey Day recipes, and I hope they inspire you as you prepare for this special holiday.

These Pumpkin Maple Donut Holes are splendid on Thanksgiving morning with coffee.

One of our family traditions is that we always have these crunchy roasted almonds as a pre-dinner snack. Our mom’s are the best, and she serves them in a pretty sterling silver dish. My grandmother always made a batch, and I suspect her mother and grandmother made them, too.

If you’re looking for complete directions to roast the juiciest turkey you’ve ever eaten, check out this post for Golden Crispy Juicy Roast Turkey. After brining the turkey, the bird is patted dry and coated with a mixture of flour and butter that seals the juices inside. The skin comes out divinely golden and crispy, too.

My friend Kathleen from The Fresh Cooky shares her recipe and tips for Creamy Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, and they are so, so good. Everything she cooks is amazing!

This Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce is the perfect sweet-tart accompaniment to Thanksgiving’s rich dishes. A tiny bit of lemon zest adds a touch of citrus flavor.

Here’s my favorite Bacon Green Bean Casserole recipe which is a worthy substitute for the traditional version.

My mom often makes a salad with crispy lettuce, fresh oranges, avocados and almonds like this recipe from Tastes Lovely.

These Garlic-Herb Rolls from Sharon at Certified Pastry Aficionado are certifiably divine.

Finally, this is a recipe I developed for Honduras Chocolate Company for a layered Chocolate Praline Pumpkin Pie.

May your Thanksgiving celebration be filled with good food, blessings and love.


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