Day 23 and 10 Free Ways to Nurture Your Health

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All the money in the world won’t buy good health.

For any of us who have ever experienced an injury, pain, or sickness, we know how it feels to wake up unwell and think we’d give anything — anything — for a normal, healthy, pain-free day.

Many of us are juggling a million things right now, and taking care of ourselves can fall to the bottom of the list. But really, self-care deserves to be one of our very top priorities. The good news is that most of the ways we can nurture our health are absolutely free.

A money diet month is the perfect time to explore new healthy habits like these:

10 Ways to Care for Your One-and-Only Precious Body

1. Get a good night’s sleep. Here are my 7 natural ways to enjoy better slumber.

2. Exercise each day. I try to alternate each day between upper body, lower body and cardio. Some days are better than others, but I keep trying. In the morning while I’m waiting for the coffee to heat, I do stretches. We try to walk the dog and ride bikes daily during warm weather, and as often as possible in the winter. I use small hand weights to build muscle strength.

3. Eat nutrient-rich foods, for a strong immune system and healthy bones. The fewer processed foods, preservatives and chemicals we consume, the better our bodies will feel. We owe it to ourselves to eat as many good foods as possible.

4. Drink water. Staying hydrated helps us look and feel better, and reduces headaches and fatigue. Why don’t we all drink a few more glasses of water today? I think I’ll go pour one right now.

5. Floss your teeth. Dental problems are no fun, and flossing is an easy, inexpensive way to care for our teeth and gums. This simple act has been shown to reduce inflammation in the body, which might even reduce rates of cancer and other diseases. Let’s floss our teeth today — I challenge you!

6. Have some down time, every day. Practice the art of dolce far niente, which is Italian for “sweet doing nothing.” Meditate. Take a warm bath. Pray. Read. Think. Listen to music. Watch the grass grow.

7. Limit time interacting with digital devices. We all can feel it in our brains when we’ve been online too much, don’t you agree? Push away from the computer. Power off the TV. Unplug from social media for a while. Engage with the real world.

8. Stimulate your brain. Practice your favorite hobby. Write a poem. Do a crossword puzzle. Learn something new.

9. Go outside. Take a walk. Get fresh air. Enjoy whatever today’s weather brings. Notice the world around you.

10. Seek balance. Have you ever gotten sick at the worst possible time? For several years I woke up sick every Christmas morning, because I’d been trying to do too much. Our bodies will complain, and sometimes even shut down, when things are out of whack. A more balanced life will ultimately give us the energy to do the things we really want to.

Let’s agree to honor our health, and make caring for ourselves a higher priority.

How About You?

What can you do this weekend to better care for yourself? Do you have things to add to my list above? We’d all love to hear your thoughts and strategies for living a healthier life on the Comments section of this page.

You’ll hear from me again on Monday with a new challenge. For those of you dealing with snow and other crazy weather, stay safe and warm!

Hugs and enjoy the weekend,

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3 thoughts on “Day 23 and 10 Free Ways to Nurture Your Health”

  1. Thank you Eliza, some great points ! I would include adding a couple of slices of lemon to the drinking water. Eating a banana for a no fuss, yummy nutritious breakfast.
    Getting your bag packed and outfit ready the night before.
    Making space in your schedule to relax before going to bed.
    Not thinking about what you need to get done throughout the day but instead, enjoying the process.
    Peace & love to all xx

  2. Hej Eliza! Thank you for some lovely suggestions!I would include enjoying some time in a sauna for those who have access to one. I have also done a suger detox this past week, to diminish the craving for sweets and save some money at the same time.

  3. We totally unplugged from the world this weekend and spent time up at the cabin. We snomobiled in the great outdoors and I soaked up all the wonderful nature around me. We had turkeys fly up in front of us on the trail. And a deer watched us from a few feet off the trail. Loved the snow covered trees and the peacefulness and quiet of the day. I thank God for keeping us safe as we enjoyed his beauty. We spent time by the fire relaxing and reading our books. Napped instead of feeling like we had to be doing something else. Enjoyed being together with my husband. No computers, no phones, no social media (until late Sunday night). A wonderful weekend.


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