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A Roundup of Thanksgiving Recipes and Tips


Dear friends,

Happy Thanksgiving countdown! Here are some of the articles and recipes I’ve been enjoying this week, plus a few posts from the archives:

We’ve all heard the story of the pilgrims arriving at Plymouth Rock, but have you seen the actual rock? View the (somewhat underwhelming) rock here, read a factual account of the journey, and hear Jeffrey Lewis’s song about the Mayflower.

Make a pretty toilet paper tube decoration for your wall. I’m not kidding! This fun craft project is one of Happy Simple Living’s most-pinned pages.


decoration toilet paper tubes


Have you ever massaged your turkey? It might sound a little kinky, but this roast turkey recipe (shown at the top of this post) makes a bird that’s golden and crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. Includes a brine recipe, too.

These wonderful conversation starting questions from the Six Sisters might help you foster a dinnertime dialogue that doesn’t center on politics.

Oh, how I love the Pioneer Woman…let me count the ways. I love Ree’s recipe for luscious, creamy mashed potatoes, which can be completely prepared ahead of time.

How about adding a little bacon to your green bean casserole?

Bacon elevates Brussels Sprouts, too.


carving turkey


It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without our Pop announcing that he is going to “disassemble the turkey.” Here’s how to carve a turkey just right.

Make your own easy cranberry sauce.

One of my dream assignments last month was developing this Chocolate Praline Pumpkin Pie for Honduras Chocolate Company.


chocolate pumpkin pie


For a cool change, how about a Pumpkin and Butter Pecan Ice Cream Pie?

Whether your Thanksgiving celebration is large or small, classic or nontraditional, I wish you a peaceful day with love and laughter around your table.


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P.S. Be sure to wrap up and refrigerate your turkey bones and scraps. On Friday, I’ll share a delicious homemade turkey soup recipe plus 14 other ways to use leftover turkey.


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