A Quick, Painless Way to Save Money and Energy When Baking

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I read a great energy-saving idea in the book Shift Your Habit: Easy Ways to Save Money, Simplify Your Life, and Save the Planet by Elizabeth Rogers.

When you’re cooking something in the oven, turn it off 5 to 10 minutes before your food is done. The oven will stay hot enough to keep cooking your food, and you’ll save energy. Rogers says this simple tip can save 100 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions  and $15 per year if you typically use the oven three times a week. During the summer, turning the stove off early will also help your kitchen cool down faster.

How about you? Do you turn the oven off early to conserve energy? I always love to hear your energy-saving thoughts and ideas.

Stay cool,

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  1. That’s a great idea. Do you think it would be okay to do with something like cake, or better just for roast veggies and things like that, that don’t tend to need such split second timing?


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