A New Season

First crocus of spring


Our garden is awakening here in Colorado. The first crocus bloomed yesterday!

The daffodils are budding, and the tulips are emerging.


Daffodil buds

tulips coming up


It’s sunny and mild, too, so I’ve been puttering and doing a little cleaning up in the yard.

I know better than to clear away the leaves that are still protecting tender young plants and shoots, because our springtime weather is always unpredictable. So I’ve been trimming branches that were broken by heavy snows, pulling young weeds, sweeping sidewalks and watering shrubs.

The hardy vinca is starting to bloom, warmed by the sunny rocks on the south side of the yard.


early spring vinca


I often feel introspective when I’m working in the garden. Do you?


Spring garden


Grateful for a patch of ground to tend, I wonder what might need weeding and pruning and cultivating in my life this season.


Strawberry plants


Springtime signals rebirth, reawakening, and newness. As I work, I silently pray for renewed energy, for new ideas to sprout, and to see people and situations in a new light.


Budding branches


Our garden has places of disappointment, too.

Sometimes I discover that something I planted, watered, nurtured and tried so hard to grow didn’t survive the winter. Help me accept this outcome, and clear the way for something new, I whisper.

Has a new season arrived in your part of the world? Is your garden awakening? Do you have any thoughts or insights you’d like to share? I always love hearing from you.


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5 thoughts on “A New Season”

  1. We have some daffodils coming up. It’ll be interesting to see if they flower. Sometimes they’ll come up but if there’s a really bad freeze, the flowers won’t open 🙁

  2. We are in Colorado too – today has been so beautiful and warm. There are a few buds here but my crocus still haven’t appeared….I’m hoping the squirrels didn’t dig up the bulbs!

    • The forecast looks really nice for the next week, too. I hope the squirrels didn’t raid your garden and your crocus make an appearance soon. xo

  3. Well, several years ago, my best friend and I planted shoots from a white common lilac bush. Hers turned out great. Mine turned out to not be any kind of a lilac, but some ugly willowy twiggy bush. It’s coming out this spring!

    We are in yet another cold snap. Tonight’s low is expected to be -16c. I look forward to Monday’s high of +8c. We still haven’t started break-up yet…

    I think I’ll look at the grocery store for a little fragrant hyacinth 🙂


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