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9 Simple, Free Ways to Be Healthier

Simple living can make you healthy and happy

1. Breathe. The brain requires more oxygen than any other organ in our bodies, and slow, deep breathing is not only relaxing, it can help improve mental functioning and alertness. Take several pauses throughout the day to relax and breathe slowly and deeply, or practice traditional breathing techniques.

2. Give your pillows a sunbath. Dust mites don’t like dry, warm conditions, so if it’s a sunny day give those mites the boot by giving your pillows a sunbath for several hours. If it’s cold or humid in your area, give your pillows a 20-minute cycle in the dryer.

3. Step away from the computer. According to The New York Times, the latest research shows that too much immersion in technology can result in fractured thinking and trouble shutting out irrelevant information, even after we’re offline. Take breaks, limit electronic use–or if you really need to unplug, take a vacation from digital devices.

4. Open a window. Chemicals and pollutants can build up in closed buildings, but opening a window or door for just 5 minutes a day can refresh the air and get rid of toxins.

5. Take a walk. Walking is an easy, low-impact exercise that improves your mood, lowers your blood pressure, and offers a host of other health benefits. Take your dog along and you’ll both be healthier!

6. Help someone. Research shows that those who help others are less frequently depressed and tend to be happier with better physical health.

7. Give thanks. According to Psychology Today, regularly expressing gratitude offers a host of benefits from better physical health to improved mental alertness.

8. Laugh. Studies show that laughter reduces stress hormones and can even strengthen your immune system.

9. Floss.* Flossing reduces the risk of heart attack and may help strengthen the immune system by reducing inflammation.

Here’s a shout-out to my mom, Betty, for suggesting this great topic. Mom has always been an advocate of healthy living and good eating, and she was an early adopter of the nutritional and lifestyle regimen recommended in Adelle Davis‘s book “Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit.” Our mom is healthy, strong, and beautiful inside and out – and when she gives me health advice, I always listen!

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Eliza Cross is the author of 17 books, including Small Bites, 101 Things To Do With Bacon, and BERRIES. She enjoys sharing ideas to simplify cooking, gardening, and home projects. She is also the owner of Cross Media, Inc. and founder of the BENSA Bacon Lovers Society.

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8 thoughts on “9 Simple, Free Ways to Be Healthier”

  1. Great tips. I am very heartened that “Breathe” was your first tip. It is primary thing we should look at when considering a healthy life!

  2. Great tips! I had no idea about the sunbath for your pillow one. It’s been really sunny here in the south, so I’m definitely going to give that one a try. It’s crazy to think being healthy is really so simple.

  3. MoneySavingMom has no-media Sundays in her home, and I have been thinking about incorporating something similar in our household. To think–an entire day without television, phones, internet, computer, etc.! Sounds liberating.

  4. These are some great tips eliza. I think my personal favorite on this list is “breathe”. There’s nothing that taking a step back and a deep breath cant solve….Well, that cant solve it, but it can put things into perspective, which can help develop a solution!

  5. I love my gadgets, but taking a break from them all regularly is essential. After a week at work I often go the whole weekend without looking at a single screen – even my phone.

  6. Some great tips. Kinda wierd given we’re on a blog and we have to write to sustain the blog. But some really great tips which I might need to integrate into my life!

  7. Filtered water and organic fruit and greens are finest – but once more, do the best you may with what you have.


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