24 Nostalgic Christmas Ideas

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Dear friends,

The Advent season is upon us.

Many of us long to simplify the holidays and find more meaning in the season. Have you ever noticed that often it’s the simple things we do together that produce the best memories?

What’s one of your favorite childhood Christmas memories? Chances are it’s not even about a specific gift. I remember a joyful afternoon sledding and throwing snowballs with my family near my grandparents’ house in Cincinnati. When we reminisce about the holidays of our younger days, perhaps we feel like things just seemed less commercial and more special.

Bob Hope said it best:

“When we recall Christmas past, we usually find that the simplest things–not the great occasions–give off the greatest glow of happiness.”

Here are some nostalgic things you can do this holiday season to bring back the old-fashioned spirit of Christmas and rekindle that special, simple magic.

24 Old-Fashioned Things To Do for the Holidays


Celebrate an old-fashioned Christmas


1. Make snow angels.

2. Make Pomander Balls by studding fresh oranges with cloves. Put them in a pretty bowl to make your home smell Christmasy.

3. Decorate pine cones with glue and glitter.

4. Read The Night Before Christmas.

5. Make a construction paper chain garland. Or string popcorn and cranberries.

6. Do a jigsaw puzzle together.


Have a simple holiday season


7. Attend a candlelight service.

8. Cut out snowflakes from folded white paper.

9. Watch a holiday movie like A Charlie Brown Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Lifeor my favorite,Grumpy Old Men.

10. Go ice skating.

11. Leave cookies and milk out for Santa. (We leave carrots out for the reindeer, too.)

12. Drive around and look at the Christmas lights.



Christmas party fun
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13. Wear a festive Christmas sweater. (Thrift stores often carry great holiday sweaters.)

14. Decorate Christmas cookies.

15. Go sleighing or tobogganing.

16. Get out the playing cards and play a game like Go Fish, War, Hearts or Gin.

10. Listen to old Christmas music by singers like Bing Crosby, Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, or The Carpenters.

18. Attend a performance of Handel’s Messiah. Sing along!


Homeless man and dog


19. Visit a nursing home or homeless shelter and spread some cheer. Or take a donation to a pet shelter.

20. Have a simple Christmas cookie exchange party.

21. Visit an outdoor holiday market and sample roasted chestnuts.

22. Light candles and read the nativity story in the second chapter of Luke.

23. Make hot chocolate from scratch.

24. Have a slumber party with blankets and sleeping bags under the Christmas tree.


Merry Christmas from Happy Simple Living


How About You?

What old-fashioned simple traditions and fun do you enjoy during the holiday season? I always love hearing your ideas and comments.

Wishing you the happiest holidays ever,

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3 thoughts on “24 Nostalgic Christmas Ideas”

  1. I love Handel’s Messiah, but it’s even more fun if you go to a Messiah sing-in. I guess that assumes you’ve sung it a zillion times in every choir you were ever in. 🙂 But for that matter, even though I have never been a Christian, I absolutely LOVE Christmas carols – they’re just so much fun to sing especially with folks who can sight sing simple harmonies. One of my fondest Christmas memories was the year my university choir went caroling in our small college town. We serenaded most of the town and ended up at our director’s house for hot cocoa, apple cider and Christmas cookies.

  2. Thank you Eliza for a number of wonderful ideas! Loved the list and have tried out several of the ideas. Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!


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