4 Ways to Pay Off Debt by Year End

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Dear friends,

We have about 10 weeks until the end of 2018. Isn’t that mind blowing?

Here’s a challenge. What if we each do everything we can to pay off a debt before this year draws to a close? In complete opposition to the spending and new debt that usually happens during the holiday season, what if we see the opportunities in the coming weeks to make some great financial progress and end the year strong?

Here are some ideas:

4 Ways to Pay Down Debt During the Holidays

Dave Ramsey suggests paying off our lowest-balance debt first, a strategy I like because it helps us gain confidence and reduce our monthly expenses.  Consider these opportunities to generate fast cash during the holidays:

1. Sell unused items on Next Door or eBay.

What about holiday decorations, Christmas dishes, festive clothing, etc. that you’re no longer using? I like Next Door for larger items, and eBay for collectibles. Apply any money you make directly to the debt balance.

2. Take on a part-time gig.

Lots of stores and businesses need extra help during the holidays. Could you work a few extra hours and stash some cash?

3. Offer a service.

What do you enjoy doing that a busy person might need help with? Run errands, babysit, hang holiday decorations, walk dogs, giftwrap presents, clean, take packages to the post office, address Christmas cards, or shop for busy working folks.

4. Cook something.

If you enjoy whipping up holiday treats, offer your homemade goodies to your time-crunched neighbors. Sell your fabulous creamy fudge by the pound, or bake homemade dog biscuits. Or perhaps you could sell your delicious homemade chicken soup by the quart to tired parents who would love an easy dinner, or offer kids’ holiday cooking classes.

How About You?

Do you have any ideas to add to my list? Do you have a debt you’d like to pay off by the end of the year? Let’s do this!

Best always,

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  1. I always find the best way to pay down debt is just to take it out automatically. Typically if I have money in my account, I spend it! A lot of people on Etsy and similar websites make some excellent plastic free / zero waste products that I regualrly buy and a lot of these wouldn’t be hard to make so maybe this is an option to earn some extra cash (or save cash from buying things).


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