My Fails and Successes During Reset Week

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Dear friends,

If you follow this blog, you’ll know that this week a number of us committed to Reset Week – doing 50 good things in 5 days this week. Now that the work week is over, I’m happy with this endeavor. Knowing that I only had to be extra good and disciplined for five days made the process seem doable. It helped that I wanted to be accountable to you.

However, keeping it real – I did not complete the tasks as perfectly as I had hoped. I missed the mark on a few things.

Your Reset Week list may be different, but here are my results for five days:

1. Get up 15 minutes early for quiet time. – WIN

I’m an early bird, so I didn’t mind getting up at 4:15…unlike reader Cat, a self-described night owl, who wrote:  “Holy Kazoli! I can’t even begin to contemplate getting up at that hour; it sorta sounds like torture to me.”

If you’re a night owl, you might prefer to stay up an extra 15 minutes to have quiet time at the end of the day.



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2. Restrict my reading of email to the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. – PARTIAL

I did not look at email before 8:00 a.m. , which really helped me focus in the morning. However, I did peek at email in the evening.

3. No spending money – like a mini January Money Diet. – WIN

Having done the 31-day January Money Diet for nine years now, this five-day stint was easy. If you need a money diet, you’re invited to join the private Money Diet Facebook Group for support and tips all year.

4. Drink six glasses of refreshing water each day. – PARTIAL

I missed the mark on this goal on Wednesday, a particularly busy day when I forgot to keep up with water. I’m going to try the Daily Water app to see if that helps me remember to be consistent.

Another tip came from reader Kim Fields, who infuses her water with things like fresh lime and cucumber slices (and sliced jalapenos!). It makes sense that we’re more likely to drink water that tastes delicious.


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5. Tackle one important thing every day. – WIN

I finished a book proposal and a magazine article this week, so those were pretty big wins. It really helped to postpone reading morning email.

6. Give away 5 bags of stuff. – ALMOST

I’m working on decluttering the basement and was easily able to collect 5 bags/boxes of stuff. However, they are currently in my car trunk and haven’t been dropped off to ARC yet.

7. Unplug from the news. – ALMOST

I didn’t visit any news sites or watch news programs this week. It was heavenly. However, I still encountered snippets of news about things like the volcano in Hawaii while I was on social media.

8. Do some cardio and strength training every day. – WIN

I walked outside or ran up and down the stairs inside for cardio, and used hand weights for strength training.



9. Spend time outside connecting with nature for at least 20 minutes every day. – PARTIAL

I missed the mark on this one on Day 1! I’m a little sheepish to admit that I realized about 10 p.m. Monday night that I hadn’t spent any significant time outside. Very disappointing. I took the dogs out and stood in the back yard and looked at the stars, which was nice, but only counted for 5 minutes. Every other day I made sure to spend time outside, usually working in the garden.

10. Eat some colorful fruits and veggies every day. – WIN

This was a good endeavor. I made an extra effort to include colorful produce in our meals like fresh blueberries, mixed greens in salads, green beans, oranges and avocados. I want to do this on a permanent basis!

I would like to try Reset Week again soon – would you? If you participated this time, we’d all love to hear about your results.

Enjoy a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend!


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  1. I’m impressed! And you’re too funny quoting my comments! Anyhow, I don’t know if this would work for you, but when I’m feeling like I need to get more water, I keep a bottle on my desk while I’m working, with the goal of downing the entire thing before the work day is through. It’s a pretty cobalt blue glass bottle that years ago contained some sort of fancy mineral water. So it’s not a bottle I drink from per se – I just use it to fill my glass. Somehow having the visual reminder helps, as well as seeing exactly how much I have or haven’t drunk so far that day.


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