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Small Bites cookbook by Eliza Cross


Today is Launch Day for my newest cookbook, Small Bites!

This book was a joy to develop and write, because appetizers are my favorite. I especially love hors d’oeuvres that feature great flavors and fresh ingredients in just a bite or two.

The 75 easy recipes in this book include skewers, sliders and bite-sized snacks. They all have elements that can be prepared in advance so that you can have fun with your guests during the party, instead of being stuck fussing in the kitchen.

More and more, I find myself preparing a selection of appetizers for gatherings instead of dinner. The hors do’oeuvres in Small Bites are as good to look at as they are to eat, and your guests will know that you made an extra effort to prepare something special.

I can’t wait to share Small Bites with you! Thanks to my wonderful publisher Gibbs Smith, I have a special signed copy to give to one lucky reader.

But first let’s take a peek at some of the pages, which were so beautifully photographed by Jessica Nicosia-Nadler.


These are bite-sized Baby Eggplant Parmigiana:


Baby Eggplant Parmigiana


Crispy, cheesy Artichoke Cheese Wontons:


Artichoke Cheese Wontons


Prosciutto, Pear, Fig and Brie Toasts:


Prosciutto, Pear, Fig and Brie Toasts


Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rounds with Lemon Dill Cream:


Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rounds


Mini New Orleans-style Muffuletta Sandwiches:


Mini Muffuletta Sandwiches


Deconstructed Bacon Jalapeno Poppers:


Bacon Jalapeno Poppers


Mini Kobe Beef Sliders – plus a recipe so you can make your own fresh slider rolls!


Mini Kobe Beef Sliders


Baby Mexican Tostadas:


Baby Mexican Tostadas


Mini Crab Cakes with Mango Chile Salsa:


Mini Crab Cakes


Small Bites: Skewers, Sliders, and Other Party Eats is a 128-page hardback book that retails for $14.99, and you could win your very own signed copy. Simply answer this question in the Comments section at the bottom of the page on this post:


What happy occasion would you like to celebrate?

Perhaps you have a loved one’s birthday or holiday coming up, or maybe you’d love to throw an impromptu weekday gathering with your best friends. Anything goes!

Be sure to include your e-mail address on the form when you post your comment (it won’t show to anyone but me). The giveaway is open to anyone with a shipping address in the U.S. and Canada, and you can enter between now and midnight MST on Friday, August 25.

UPDATE:  This giveaway has closed. Congratulations to Alicia, who won a new copy of Small Bites!



About Eliza Cross

Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of 15 books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

21 thoughts on “Free Giveaway – Small Bites Cookbook”

  1. Celebrating International Day of Peace (September 21) with our international neighbors and ethnic appetizers. Your deconstructed poppers are genius!

  2. I would love to win this cookbook to have some Sunday football parties!! My hubby & I just bought a new house so we are super excited!!

  3. Congratulations, Eliza! The sample recipes look fantastic, and it’s fun to see what happy times everyone is having. I’d use this for all the potlucks we go to, since that’s how our circle of friends entertains.

  4. My favorite thing to order in restaurants are
    small bites!
    With this cookbook I would plan a homecoming party for my son returning from working in Dubai!

  5. It’s my birthday Aug. 21st. I am celebrating by going Skydiving now that I can make the weight requirement. I have lost 86 lbs in 18 months.

  6. We all like to gather around food. We all like to enjoy each other too. Easy, good, party food, great premise for an outstanding book!


  7. I love food that entices children to try new things, and they seem more willing to try things in small bites, so I would be celebrating grandchildren with these recipes.

  8. My friends and I take turns hosting get togethers just about every weekend and have apps only. Every weekend is a celebration!


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