For the Love of Good Quality

Krups coffeemaker

My coffee maker is 20 years old this week. I know this for a fact, because it was a wedding present two decades ago. I hope it doesn’t sound wrong to mention that the appliance has lasted twice as long as the marriage.

dented Krups coffee carafeBy my estimation, this Krups coffee maker has produced more than 24,000 cups of excellent coffee and it’s still going strong. I dropped and dented the stainless carafe when we moved, but it didn’t affect the performance so I kept using it.

Lasting quality is a thing to behold these days, isn’t it? When our computers need to be replaced every few years and we tear down buildings like football stadiums after just a few decades, it can begin to feel like old things don’t have much value.

Maybe it’s because I’m getting older, too, but I really appreciate owning something that is classic and durable.

I write a lot about saving money, but sometimes it makes sense to invest in craftsmanship and lasting quality.

Here are some things that come to mind:

  • Cast iron skillets
  • Handcrafted furniture
  • A hand-forged knife
  • Classic clothes
  • A KitchenAid mixer
  • Well-made tools
  • A Pendleton blanket
  • Cowboy boots

Another hallmark of a well-made product is great customer service from the maker. When the inner shell of my OtterBox phone case cracked, the company promptly sent me a free replacement. No questions asked. No warranty required. I didn’t have to package up the old case and return it. They simply trusted me.

Buy Me Once is a brilliant company that sells goods like appliances, kitchenware and clothing that are made to last. They don’t yet offer coffee makers, but that’s okay. When mine wears out, I’ll probably look for another Krups.

How About You?

What do you own that is exceptionally well-crafted and long lasting? Can you recommend any brands that offer top quality products and great customer service? I always love to hear your suggestions and thoughts.


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4 thoughts on “For the Love of Good Quality”

  1. Eliza, you are so right. Quality is important! I like the wooden handled Dewit garden tools. They are responsibly made, and tough as nails, and I think they feel good in my hand. And, this is not a brand, I know, but I like artisan pottery. The bowls and mugs are heavy duty and can take a lot more abuse than the normal offerings on store shelves.

  2. I have a pair of Naot sandals that I’ve worn for 10 years and they are still in excellent shape. And I’ve *worn* them — they are my primary shoe for five months in the year, and I walk a lot! Not cheap, but absolutely worth it — top marks for comfort, look, versatility, and durability.

    A good bag/backpack is also definitely worth the investment. I’ve had my EMS backpack for 17 years — again, used and loved! — and it’s still barely showing signs of wear.

  3. I have made 2 half-gallons of yogurt (sometimes more) each week for 13 years in my Yogourmet yogurt maker. (I bought a second inner canister up front.) It was a great investment.

  4. Corelle dishes! I have had my set for a little over 18 years (wedding present) and there is not a chip or a crack in any of the plates, mugs or bowels. They have been moved a couple of times, dropped on the wood or vinyl floor more than a couple of times, and have been tossed into the sink by two boys who have yet to full grasp the concept of fragile. My oldest boy did finally break a plate a couple of months ago, but instead of getting mad my husband and I were simply amazed that it actually broke when he tripped on a step and accidently hit the plate on the stair above him.


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