7 Ways to Manage a Conflicted Case of Spring Fever

Tulips for spring fever

Here in Colorado, the meteorologists like to remind us that March is historically our snowiest month. (We hate when they say that.) They are apparently bound by some sort of Colorado meteorologists’ ethical code which obliges them to always (always) follow up that statement by reminding us that April is the second-snowiest month. I respond to these two helpful reminders by throwing pillows at the TV.

We had three record-breaking warm days in Denver during February 2017. They were lovely days, but their freakish balminess made many of us feel uneasy. Spring fever has struck with a vengeance, but for the first time ever I’m actually hoping that our “normal” spring snowstorms are still ahead.

How do you manage a bad case of spring fever mixed with a yearning for a normal climate? Here are some ideas:

Wear some of your springtime fashions.  Pull those transitional clothes from your closet, like a floral women’s blouse or a men’s pale blue oxford shirt. Layer with a camisole or undershirt if the temperatures outside are still nippy.

Use colorful linens. Put a pretty tablecloth on the kitchen table, or hang a bright dishtowel.

Force flowering branches. If your forsythia or pussy willows are starting to bud and develop small leaves, cut some branches and bring them inside. Put them in a vase of room temperature water, and in a few days they may start to leaf out and bloom.

Walk outside and see what’s coming up. We have tulips and crocus popping up, branches budding, baby strawberry plants, violets and vinca all greening up. I’ve covered some of the tender plants with extra leaves and mulch to encourage them to take their sweet time. What’s coming up in your garden?


Tulip Arrangement at Happy Simple Living blog


Make a spring flower arrangement. The stores here are full of tulips and daffodils. Six stems of daffodils are just $2.99, making them a most affordable splurge. Or try a creative combination like the arrangement above, which I made when I had some extra asparagus and thought the purple tips nicely complimented the tulips.

Read gardening books. Now is the perfect time to develop a master plan for your garden spaces. Daydream, make sketches, and figure out what you want to grow this season.

Order seeds. Buy what you need now, before the nurseries sell out of the really popular seeds. These are some of my favorite seed companies.

How About You?

Do you have spring fever? I’d love to hear your favorite ways to invite springtime in during these early weeks of March.

Hugs and enjoy the weekend,

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3 thoughts on “7 Ways to Manage a Conflicted Case of Spring Fever”

  1. I know what you mean. CatMan and I have been thoroughly enjoying the biking weather, but honestly, I just can’t get past the idea that there should be snow on the ground this time of year!

    We rode about 45 miles today, and I was remarking that at the rate we’re going, we’re gonna blow our mileage records out of the water. He brought me back down to earth by reminding me that if the above normal temperatures continue, it will be too hot to ride all summer!

    Oh well, I guess we’ve gotta take what we can get when we can get it, because honestly, who knows what tomorrow will bring.

    I totally love your asparagus bouquet, BTW!

  2. This time every year, I get spring fever! Because we live in central British Columbia, the winters are long with short daylight hours. Whether the winter has been mild or harsh, it’s just time for spring! “Break-up” hasn’t really started, and we still have a good amount of our winter’s accumulation of snow, but it’s exciting to realize that spring is just around the corner. Next Saturday night we switch to daylight savings and that gives us another hour of daylight in the evening. I think that Thomas Jefferson was brilliant!
    We live in a little town just a few blocks from the river and a natural bird migration area. The long-necked white swans will be returning any day now followed by our beloved Canadian geese. It is such a welcoming sound to hear them honk “hello” as they fly low overhead.
    While I wait for warmer temperatures and the snow to melt, I look at seed catalogues, plan yard changes, and I’ve just started a weight training program to add to my stationary biking routine as I get in shape for my Mount Robson 3 day backpacking trip at the end of May.
    Happy Spring, everyone!

  3. Spent the day raking up the winter debris in the yard..chilly! We’re in the Seattle area. The weather is an unusual mix for this time of year-lots of rain snow in forecast. Next weekend the clock change. While in the gardens, I saw promise of spring forsythia full of buds, plants budding out and tge mini daffodils starting to peak out. Birs singing…especially flickers with their mating calls. Back inside a cup of tea in my favorite mug. Got my seed order in and trying something new this year tomato/potato plant combined called Fries &Ketchup!!


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