What Could You Finish During the January Money Diet?

Finish a project during the January Money Diet

It’s January 9th, and the month is rolling right along. How was your weekend? Were you able to resist the lure of the shopping mall?

Did you enjoy the nesting challenge? I loved reading about your projects!  Sara and her boyfriend made over their living room this weekend, while Lisa helped her son organize his bedroom. Margaret’s refrigerator is now clean and tidy, Deborah is tackling bathroom cabinets,  and Carol is sprucing up her home office. Amy and Susan are working on creating peaceful bedrooms, and Kimberly and Hilary are decluttering.

Bravo to everyone who is creating a peaceful, orderly living space this month and enjoying the rewards of time spent cleaning and clearing.

Getting Unstuck

We all seem to have them — those stalled projects we never quite get around to completing. What unfinished task could you wrap up this month? Perhaps it’s the second coat of paint on the trim, or the final rows on the blanket you were knitting, or the ending to the short story you started, or finishing the winter garden clean-up.

Last year at this time, my unfinished task was to sew new covers for the throw pillows on the couch. I already had the plush velvet on hand, and just needed to sit down at my sewing machine and complete them. My quiet hours during the January Money Diet proved to be the perfect time. The pillows are so soft and comfortable, and we have really enjoyed them all year.

Sew new pillows | January Money Diet


This year’s unfinished project is a little less glamorous. I need to repair a small hole in the drywall in my office, from a plumbing repair that was made in the ceiling. I have all the materials on hand, and just need to do it. Making this repair will probably help the room be a little less drafty, too.


Repair drywall | January Money Diet

How About You?

Could you rescue a project from its current holding pattern? Think of the enormous satisfaction and sense of accomplishment we’ll all feel by finishing something.

Leave a comment on this page, and let us know what you commit to finish during this January Money Diet month. Here’s to your success!

You’ll hear from me again tomorrow, when we delve into the big topic of DEBT. Until then, enjoy a beautiful Monday.


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9 comments to What Could You Finish During the January Money Diet?

  • KruidigMeisje

    I finished a headband. It just needed the stitches to put the elastic to the knitted part.
    I made it just right, and have worn it all day! The lovely fluffy cotton is really nice on my (now not cold) ears. And I will enjoy it in summer too, I know.

  • Deborah Gore

    I was given a quilt top that my grandmother had pieced together many years ago, by an aunt. I plan to finish her quilt this year. At first I wanted to leave it as it was, because I was afraid that I would do something wrong with it. But then I realized that what better way to honor my grandmother and my aunt then to finish the quilt and hang it. So the quilt top is out of the bag and I am ready to go on it!

    • Kathy

      We just finished quilting the quilt top put together by my great grandmother. Five generations worked on this quilt in total. It had been sitting unfinished for years and years in a trunk in my home. Finally finished and it is beautiful on the antique bed in my guest room. You will appreciate your quilt so much more when it’s done. I wish you well and happy thoughts while you work on your quilt. A great way to honor your family.

  • I’m hoping this will be the month I finally hang the light-blocking curtains (that have been sitting in the closet for >1 yr) in our bedroom.

  • Nonya

    I’m making a list of things to finish right now. I ALWAYS plan a scad of homemade gifts for people for Christmas, and I ALWAYS finish less than half of them in time for Christmas. I am committing to finishing the Summer pyjamas I am making for my niece and nephew -which are almost finished anyway!- and deliver them. My brother’s birthday is in a month, so I am also going to finish designing the cover for the hand-bound book I was going to make him, and have that ready so that I don’t have to buy a gift!

    My main hobby is also one that I used to sell half of what I made. I stopped selling, stopped spending time on my hobby, but never stopped buying double my collectors pieces! I have three pieces that I could finish and list, for almost no cost, to put some money back into my hobby fund. De-clutter, have fun, make some dosh… it’s a complete win!!

    I know I can’t find the time to finish ALL my projects this month, but making a list of them can sure prevent me from starting anything else (and buying supplies for) new projects until I can get some complete and clear. Finish building those garden beds, build that trellis finally, and the shade house, build the new storage unit for my room, finish refurbishing my tricycle, repair all of hubby’s motorcycle jeans, hem those work trousers, finish sewing curtains and cushion covers for the lounge room, finally set up a produce stand in the kitchen, get the kitchen ceiling fixed… I’m going to be busy for a while!!

  • Meg

    I have lots of clothes I don’t wear anymore so this month I am going to give them all to the action cancer shop I am going to finish the sea glass box I have started for my grand daughter.

  • Hilary

    Sigh… had to use a knitting pic, eh! I do have an unfinished scarf in my ‘craft’ Rubbermaid – that and my as yet unfinished to-do list! (just kidding about the sigh – loving this process!)

  • Susan Trimble

    I’m going back to decluttering my whole house. This time I’m going to do it.

  • Kimberly

    I finish getting a desk up that we had bought 3 years ago. The old one was so bad. Neither are real wood but at least this one looks good

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