12 Days of Holiday Stuff for 2016

‘Tis the season for holiday shopping, when our friendly retailers try to convince us that every surface is fair game for Christmas decorations.

Back by popular demand, we present our annual “non-shopping guide” to help you resist the retail call and enjoy the gift of a simple, peaceful Christmas season.

Here are this year’s picks for 12 holiday things we probably don’t really need:

1. Holiday refrigerator handle covers.


Christmas fridge handle covers


2. A poinsettia sofa cover.


holiday sofa cover


3. A snowman family decal for your garage door.


holiday garage door


4. A pair of green Christmas tree tongs.


Christmas tree tongs


5. An inflatable holiday wreath that counts down the number of days remaining until Christmas.


holiday countdown wreath


6. A set of Santa hat chair covers:


santa hat holiday chair covers


7. A Santa toilet tissue holder.


holiday toilet tissue holder


8. A festive solar lighted mailbox gift box cover:


festive holiday mail box cover


9. Sports-themed nutcrackers:


sports nutcrackers


10. The Santa hat condiment set.


santa hat condiment set


11. Holiday curtains.


Christmas drapes


And finally…

12. A Christmas Tree toilet plunger.


Christmas tree toilet plunger


How about you? Have you discovered any unique holiday items that should have been included in this collection?

Whether you’re decorating to the nines this year or keeping things simple, here’s to a joyful advent season and more time for the things that matter.


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P.S. The Happy Simple Holidays Pinterest board has ideas for simple, natural decorations, plus easy recipes and more.

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