Free Cookbook Giveaway – Pumpkin It Up!

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross

My newest cookbook, Pumpkin It Up!, has just been released by Gibbs Smith. I had so much fun developing and testing recipes that highlight the mild, earthy, slightly sweet flavor of pumpkin, and the result is a 128 page, four-color book that retails for $16.99. This month I’m giving away a free signed copy to one lucky, pumpkin-loving reader.

Pumpkin It Up! has 75 recipes that feature pumpkin in both sweet and savory ways.

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


It begins with a section about preparing pumpkins for cooking, with basic recipes for homemade pumpkin puree and roasted pumpkin seeds.

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


It has recipes for breakfast treats like Pumpkin Cheesecake Crescents:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


…and soups like Pumpkin, Corn and Shrimp Bisque:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


It features pumpkin in side dishes like Maple-Roasted Pumpkin and Brussels Sprouts:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


…and dinners like soul-soothing Pumpkin Risotto:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


Pumpkin stars in desserts like Creamy Pumpkin Tiramisu:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


…and an old-fashioned Pumpkin Roll:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


…in sweets like Pumpkin Cream Chocolate Cups:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


and in treats like these pretty Pumpkin Chocolate Swirl Brownies:

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


You’ll even find a recipe for homemade Pumpkin Spice Latte in this book. #PSL!

Pumpkin It Up cookbook by Eliza Cross


To enter the drawing to win your own signed copy of Pumpkin It Up!, just answer this question in the Comments section at the bottom of this post:

What do you love best about autumn?

I can’t wait to read your answers. Be sure to include your e-mail address on the form when you post your comment (it won’t show to anyone but me). The giveaway is open to anyone with a shipping address in the U.S. and Canada, and you can enter between now and midnight MST on Friday, October 14.

Hugs and happy October!

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P.S. Be sure to check out yesterday’s post featuring the recipe for Pumpkin Caramel Cinnamon Rolls.

The beautiful photos shown in Pumpkin It Up! are by Susan Barnson Hayward for Gibbs Smith.

About Eliza Cross

Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

Free Cookbook Giveaway – Pumpkin It Up!

  • Lora walker

    I love the feeling of fall, the smell of something pumpkin baking in the oven and family all around. The leaves on the ground, the sun shining through the trees on a long drive through a park while you gaze at the beautiful colors of the leaves. The sound of the mixer in the kitchen and the clanking of dishes as you ready the table. I mostly love the feeling of giving love through the food I cook.

  • Leslie Carlson

    I love autumn’s yearly reminder that change is beautiful and refreshing, that even wonderful things, like summer, can end graciously, ushering in a new and exciting season of life. The crisp days, the colors, rediscovering sweaters and boots, and all things pumpkin reassure me that the end is just the beginning.

  • Vicki

    I love fall for the beautiful and varied colors of the trees. Crunching leaves when walking in your yard. Pumpkin decor on your porch. Brilliant yellow mums. Geese honking.
    Cooler weather brings snuggling in to the bed covers. Pumpkin bars, and casseroles. I love everything about fall

  • Maureen

    I love the cooler temps for one. I love taking a walk after dinner or just anytime and seeing the beauty of the leaves as they change colors. Love baking with pumpkin –as my mother just asked me to make something that she and my father equate with fall and it is a pumpkin item. I love going apple picking with my husband and nieces and nephews as we have in the past few years. I love love football too.

  • Francine

    I love the changing colours and the cooler weather – it makes me want to turn on the oven and bake!

  • Steph

    I love fall weather

  • I love the changing of the weather and all the pumpkin foods 🙂

  • Kathleen Pope

    I love the colorful change that autumn brings, from cooler nights and crisp mornings, to earlier darkening which draws my little family together, usually around the table to of course the vibrant changing of the leaves. I love the smells of frosty mornings, showers of leaves, fires inside and outside. I love the fresh aromas from a scrumptious, hearty Guinness stew simmering in the crockpot, warm beer bread dripping with butter (yes butter) to the beautiful sweet-tartness of a Honeycrisp apple. The lighting in Fall is superb, everything seems a bit brighter, cleaner, crisper and lighter. I think most of all, I love autumn’s signal to slow down, breath more deeply and spend more intentional time with my family.

  • Ginny

    I love everything about Fall! Apples, pine cones, pumpkins, colorful leaves,mums, cool mornings that turn into not too warm afternoons, sunshine and winds. Fall starts the best time of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and finally the New Year. I live in Vermont, a glorious place to celebrate all that is Fall.

  • Irene Gomez

    I Love the smell of green chile roasting! It’s the season for it in New Mexico and it is everywhere! Top it off with a balloon filled sky from the Balloon Fiesta and while I’m watching the balloons I’m drinking pinon coffee and eating biscochitos! Yum! At the end of October I Love to attend the Dia de los Muertos marigold parade. So colorful! New Mexico is a sensory treat!

  • Gail Riley

    Riding a bike along tree lined trees and heading for the piles of colorful fallen leaves close to the curb. The special “crunches” when tires hit leaves evokes all things fall.
    There is a delight in the distinct smell- maybe it’s as the leaves decay- but it is unique to the season that makes us take deep breaths of crisper air and applaud the slowing down of life.

  • Crystal

    All the fall colors, warm pumpkin bread, but most of all…flannel shirts. Everyone in the family wearing theirs. Love it!

  • de Anna Romanick

    I love pumpkins, fall leaves, cooler weather, Halloween, homemade soup, and cozy fires

  • Cabell shelly

    I enjoy being able to get a cup coffee and sitting outside in the morning or at night and not have to worry about sweating so much

  • Blake Kaplan

    What I love about autumn: college football, cooler weather and the leaves turning colors.

  • Martha Alvarez

    The return of wool sweaters, hats, and mittens!

  • Robin F

    I love everything pumpkin: foods, drinks, pumpkin scented candles, decorating with pumpkins and gourds. All things pumpkin! I love autumn for so many reasons: Early morning walks in the cool morning air, windows open to let in the brisk air, football games with friends and family and warm nights in front of the fire with big bottomless bowls of heart warming soup. I love all that is autumn, my favorite season of the year!

  • Tara m

    What I love about autumn is, all the colors of the leaves and plants. It makes me feel warm and cozy. I also enjoy getting out my sweaters and the beginning of pumpkin flavoured goodies and drinks! Fall also means I can get out my knitting and crocheting for the winter months.

  • Jada

    I love Autumn because of the colours and the smells. My anniversary and birthday are this time of year too, so there’s no reason to not be happy.

  • catherine brown

    I love the cool weather beautiful colors of the leaves.The fall flowers the color of mums.The smell of fresh spiced coffee.And a bowl of fresh homemade soup.

  • Machelle H

    There is SO much to love! Hot tea, bringing the quilts back to the bed, pulling out the hand-knit wool socks, and big bowls of comforting soup.

  • Jean Evans

    What do I love best about autumn? All of it! The colors (I live in VT), the crunch of leaves, the smell of wood burning smoke,the feel of crispness in the air, the sounds of geese leaving and the feel of sweaters, wool socks and gloves.

  • Karissa

    I love the cool crisp air and yes, everything pumpkin!!

  • Catherine Godfrey

    The beautiful gold & red color of Fall leaves. Crisp cool mornings. Our annual fall family camping trip.

  • Anne McKay

    I love autumn because of the beautiful fall colors. You can sleep with the windows open and hopefully get fresh air through the night. It’s a time to make soul satisfying soups and to stock up on delicacies for the winter ahead. When I attended school, the fall always meant the start of a new year (more so than January 1st) and new possibilities. It’s still my favorite season and the best for enjoying long walks!

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