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Dear friends,

In less than three weeks 2015 will draw to a close, and a bright, shiny new year will be upon us.

Would you like 2016 to be the year you stop worrying about money and start enjoying financial security?

The 7th annual January Money Diet begins on January 1, 2016, and I invite you to join us. Thousands of people have completed this 31-day challenge to live well without spending, while creating new habits and becoming more mindful about money.

“I saved almost $1,000.00, and I honestly don’t feel like I deprived myself or my family of anything. We still ate healthy, wholesome food. We are warm and comfortable in our home. And we are happy. To add to that, the house is more organized and clear of clutter. I can’t think of why I would ever go back to the way I use to spend.” – Lynn Louise, 2015 January Money Diet participant

Joining is easy and free — just click on the official January Money Diet page and leave a comment at the bottom. If you’re a repeat money dieter, we’d love to hear the number of years you’ve participated. If you want to share where you live, please do! Or just write “I’m in,” or whatever strikes your fancy.

This year I’ll be sharing 5 Money Diet challenges throughout the month to help you achieve measurable results. Everyone who completes the 5 challenges will be eligible to win special prizes.

For me, the best part about this money diet is connecting with all of you. Your stories and comments encourage and inspire our whole community. I hope to get to know many more of you in the days ahead.

A better, brighter, more secure future can be yours in 2016. I invite you to join us in the January Money Diet, and see for yourself.


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Join the 2016 January Money Diet

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