Planting Peas and Hoping for the Best

Planting Peas

I planted peas last week, so the 2015 summer garden is officially underway.

I probably should have gotten them in the ground earlier, but we had heavy, wet snow last weekend and I was ensconced inside with a good book and hot tea.

With our changing weather patterns it’s hard to know exactly when to sow seeds and how our plants will respond to temperature extremes, but we do our best and keep trying.

Gardening always has been, at its heart, an act of faith.


How to plant peas


These are organic Oregon Sugar Pod snow pea seeds. They soaked in filtered water inside for 24 hours before planting, so they were nice and plump. I planted half of the packet, and will save the other half for a fall crop. The seeds are planted about an inch apart — twice as dense as the recommended 2-inch separation. When the plants emerge I’ll thin them and we’ll enjoy the tender pea shoots on pasta.

Close up of peas before planting


To give the vines something to climb on, I planted them around a cone-shaped support woven of willow:

Willow support for peas


How about you? Have you started planting your summer garden yet? What do you hope to grow this year? I’d love to hear about your plans.

Hugs and happy digging,

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Nepal-childP.S. My heart is heavy this morning, mourning for the people of Nepal. So far away, all I know to do is offer the two things that can help — prayers and support. Organizations like Mercy Corps and American Red Cross are on the ground right now providing assistance, and we are grateful.

Photo: Mercy Corps


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7 thoughts on “Planting Peas and Hoping for the Best”

  1. An act of faith or fool-heartiness, I’m never quite sure which! I tossed a few spinach seeds in the ground a few weeks ago and had great plans to do peas too, but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. I may give it a go today, though it is a tad bit… um… damp out there at the moment!

    • Cat, is your spinach coming up? Good luck with the peas, too. I think we’re in for some sunny days now, which should be a great source of energy for our plants after all the rain we had.

  2. I’ve been wanting to get my peas and carrots in but we just had snow so I’m glad I waited. I really like your support for your peas, I’ve been trying to come up with a good trellis system in my head and will use yours as inspiration.

    I do however have plenty of seeds started in the house. I get so excited each day to see what’s peeking up and how tall others are getting. Planting season can’t come soon enough for me.

    • So you’re getting snow, too? Gotta love living in a climate with four distinct seasons, even if the lines get blurred between winter and spring! Good luck with your peas and carrots. xo

  3. We’re getting ready to get our peas and greens planted too. We’re not quite sure when to get things started here either. There’s always a risk, but there’s often a reward too. Happy Spring!

  4. No matter how scientific I try to be about planting time, it seems like there’s an element of luck involved. That’s what makes it exciting to be a gardener, right? May your peas and greens flourish! xo

  5. We live in Zone 7, so we have actually started eating our sugar snap peas (and strawberries – yum!)

    I know what you mean about gardening and hope – it seems that something that flourishes one year, is pathetic the next (or gets more bugs or something). But it makes life interesting, makes you grow new brain cells with the problem solving. 🙂


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