Create Your Custom Plan To Be All Done By December One


Holiday Christmas lights - photo by Michael Gill.
Want your house to look like this? Maybe start hanging lights today. Photo by Michael Gill.

Today marks exactly five weeks until December first. If you’d like to have all or most of your holiday tasks done by then, you might like to jot down a little plan so you can get everything done in the coming weeks. I’ve simplified quite a bit in the past few years, and my list looks something like this:

Week 1

  • Finish gift lists and order a few gifts online. (I’ve also bought some presents throughout the year that are stashed away.)
  • Address and stamp my business holiday cards. (My company is sending Thanksgiving cards this year, which I ordered last week.)

Week 2

  • Buy a gift or two, and wrap as I go along. (Our family recycles gift bags – surely one of the best inventions of the last century.)
  • Order family Christmas cards. (I update the address list on my computer throughout the year, and purchased holiday stamps at the post office earlier this month.)

Week 3

  • Buy a gift or two, and wrap as I go along. (Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la…)
  • Address and stamp Christmas cards. I may bribe my youngest to help me with this.

Week 4

  • Finish gift shopping and wrapping. (I’ll join my girlfriends who organize an annual holiday shopping day at the mall on the Friday of this week.)
  • Make a big batch of gingerbread cookie dough and freeze. (One of my hopes in December is to decorate cookies with my family.)

Week 5

  • Decorate the Christmas tree, and put out a few decorations inside and outside. Give away any decorations we no longer need.
  • Make and freeze Cinnamon Crispies for Christmas morning. (I’ll be sharing the recipe next month.)

How about you? Could you create a plan of your own to tackle some holiday tasks in the next five weeks? Have you already gotten a jump on a few things? I’d love to hear your experiences, ideas and comments.


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5 thoughts on “Create Your Custom Plan To Be All Done By December One”

  1. While this is a great strategy, for me, I prefer keeping the holidays simple and minimalist like the rest of my life. My family stopped exchanging gifts and I don’t like storing decorations that are used once per year. I will buy a few simple decorations from a thrift store and then donate everything back after the holidays.

  2. To be honest, I don’t like to do anything “Christmas” until after Thanksgiving which is when I’ll put those decorations away and begin focusing exclusively on Christmas. However, I have to admit that I keep Christmas very, very simple so it isn’t hard to get it all done before Christmas.

    This is all I do between TG and Christmas: 1) buy and decorate a small tree at a local store, 2) place a few Christmas pieces on sideboards and a few strings of lights on the porch rail and posts, 3) buy and mail out a small box (25) of cards, 4) order one gift or gift card each for our 4 daughters and 4 grown gc, 5) shop and wrap gifts for the 4 younger gc (only one gift each), 6) buy food and prep for a simple dinner limited to my daughters and their families.

    Besides limiting everything to my immediate family and no obligations to do anything for anyone, the real secret is that by this time in life, it’s easy for me to keep things really simple. That’s because I have finally decided that ENJOYING Christmas is far more important than “creating” Christmas (you know — the kind of Christmas we’ve always envisioned)… for anyone or in any way. Now, I just enjoy what little I do which is quite imperfect and incomplete by my old standards. But, most of all, I just enjoy that it’s “simply” Christmas! 😀

  3. yes, a simple Christmas………….I don’t buy for extended family.. Just boyfriend,daughter, mom and and a small gift for me!(yes, me- that way I know I get what I want) LOL. Christmas is from the heart, not the pocketbook. simple decorations- greens from my yard, a small tree- favorite dishes……………And most of all, I remember the miracle of the first Christmas

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