Tomato Countdown and a Garden Update

Holy cow, how did it get to be August already? Summer is speeding along, but the good news is that it’s almost time for garden tomatoes. This year I tried mulching the tomato plants with pine needles, and despite five hail storms and not a lot of attention from me, the plants seem quite happy.

cherry tomatoes

The cherry tomatoes are almost ripe!


Early girl tomato

Some of the Early Girls have just begun to change color. We should be enjoying this one in a matter of days!


green tomatoes

The Better Boys are looking fat and happy.


Green roma tomatoes

The Romas should be red in about ten days. Pasta time!


Baby leeks

I thinned the leeks last week, so that they can have room to grow. (Just ignore those little weeds.)


Tomato garden

The tomatoes have started to look a little wild, and they haven’t stayed tucked in their cages at all. Where in the world did they learn those rebellious tendencies, I wonder?


Black-eyed Susan

Just when some of the other flowers start to fade from the heat, the Black-Eyed Susans open their faces to the sun. So pretty.

How about you? Have you harvested tomatoes yet, or other produce? I’d love to hear what’s happening in your garden. Meanwhile, let’s savor these glorious summer days of August while we can…


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10 thoughts on “Tomato Countdown and a Garden Update”

  1. When you say you mulched the plants with pine needles, is that what you used for your base for the new plants? BTW, Bob is loving your site! He lives in our garden 🙂 Though flowers are his true passion. We did corn for the first time this year. I’m shocked how huge they are! According to “experts” if your corn stocks are knee-high by the 4th of July you are right on track. Which are were shockingly! I can’t wait to taste the sweet and buttery goodness.

    Happy gardening, Sue

    • That’s exactly right – after I planted the tomato plants, I surrounded them with a couple inches of pine needles. A horticulturist recommended the process, or I might never have tried because I always thought pine needles were acidic. But apparently they really aren’t, and in any case, the tomatoes have been happy.

      Your corn sounds wonderful! How special that you grew it yourself this year…can’t wait to hear how it tastes.


  2. Glad your tomatoes are doing so well Eliza! I love tomato season. Every morning I go to the garden to see if there are newly ripened tomatoes or tomatoes that I may have missed from the day before. My girls ask me why I like going out to find the tomatoes so much. I told them it’s a moms version of an Easter Egg hunt. Every time I find a little ripe yellow pear tomato I feel like I’ve won a prize!

    • Ha! You’re right – seeing what’s ripe in the garden is like an Easter egg hunt for adults. I love that analogy. Thanks for stopping by, Jen, and I hope you have a banner tomato year. xo

  3. I bought 4 tomato plants from a nursery this year – usually I start them from seed, but I was feeling lazy. The two different varieties of cherry tomatoes, and the early girl have been producing nicely for nearly a month now, but the 4th one is sorta limping along. Anyhow, I mulched with the free Christmas tree mulch that the city gives out and they’re doing wonderfully. Thanks for the tip!

    • EcoCatLady, I used nursery tomato plants this year, too. Sounds like yours are producing nicely! The season started late with that hard frost in May and I didn’t get ours in the ground until early June. That’s so cool that Denver provides free much! Happy harvesting. 🙂

  4. Our grand daughter, age 3, was visiting this weekend. I was showing her our tomatoes & told her she could eat them when they ripen & turn red. After that, she was checking them every 5 minutes & telling me that she could see them turning red. LOL Growing your own vegetables & fruit has so many benefits, laughter is just a bonus.

  5. We got our tomato plants in a little late so they did not perform the way we expected. But we got a few so it wasn’t a total loss. The kids had fun picking them anyway. 🙂


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