Do Just One Thing Today

ladybug and daisies
Weird early morning shot of a ladybug and daisy buds


One of the best time management tips I ever heard was to jot down a list of Top Three Priorities each morning, and commit to accomplishing those three things. When I take a moment to do that and stay focused on just getting through my short list, I accomplish so much more than when I let the day self-direct itself with e-mails, calls and other demands.


Clematis vine
The clematis in full bloom

Let’s simplify this idea even further, and just focus on a single priority.

What’s the one thing you would love to accomplish today? Write it as a comment.

And then, let’s each do that one important thing.


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P.S. I committed to spending 15 minutes a day this week taking photographs. If you’re new to this blog, you can read more about accomplishing big things in small increments of time.

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