Searching for Inner Peace on a Windy Day

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In the movie Chocolat, Juliette Binoche’s character Vianne gets restless to move whenever the “sly wind” from the North blows in. I can relate, although I like to think that I personally could withstand a little wind to stick it out with Johnny Depp. But maybe not. What is it about the wind that stirs up unrest in my soul?

The last 36 hours were really, really windy here in Denver. On a conference call yesterday, colleagues in Sheridan and Jackson, Wyoming both mentioned that the wind was raging there as well. That’s a big wind.

After spending most of the day on edge, I tried to meditate about the good qualities of the wind and just accept it. Here’s what I came up with:

  • The wind dissipates smog and moves air pollution out.
  • The wind helps pollinate the plants.
  • The wind is a necessary part of weather patterns.
  • The wind cleared off our driveway, with no effort on my part.
  • The wind gives your hair that trendy, tousled look that movie stars favor.

How about you? Does the wind make you a little crazy, or are you able to appreciate its finer qualities and maintain your inner peace? I’d love to hear how you deal with a windy day.


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11 thoughts on “Searching for Inner Peace on a Windy Day”

    • Wow, I just heard from a reader in Texas with crazy wind, too. At least we can all commiserate together. Hope you get relief soon!

  1. One of my favorite books is The Wind’s Garden.

  2. Oh… I’m with you, the wind makes me uneasy in some fundamental way. Did you ever get into the TV show Northern Exposure? They had a whole episode about the wind that I totally loved.

    Anyhow, when it gets like this I always start to wish that I had some sort of rooftop wind turbine so the wind could at least be generating some electricity for me!

    • A wind turbine is the PERFECT solution! Ha! 🙂 Do you suppose we’d be in an extra good mood, knowing we were saving money and energy whenever it got gusty? HOPING for wind?

      I love Northern Exposure and I am going to check out that episode. Sounds like the perfect show to watch tonight!

  3. It was windy here too in Pennsylvania. So windy in fact we had 60 mph gusts and where I live being exposed to the lake nothing to block the wind from taking down the power lines and leaving me without power for just over 4 hours. I love listening to the wind and was just thankful that this storm didn’t give us the horrible tornadoes many states had to deal with this week.

    • Lois, I think it says so much about your character that you love listening to the wind. And you are right about the tornadoes – it could be so much worse, and I feel so sorry for those affected and living in tornado-prone areas.

  4. A big wind is blowing today where I live, and in response my wife and I are going to move across the country for her dream job. Well actually we had already made that decision but we have felt the wind moving for quite a while. For us it reminds us of the value of change and embracing something new.


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