The Tease of Spring Snow

Snow covered tree

It’s March, the month that promises spring while reminding us that winter is not yet done. Here in Colorado, the meteorologists are fond of asserting that March is typically our snowiest month. We actually wouldn’t mind if they didn’t repeat this fact every March, but they do. Then in April, they like to state for the record that April is typically Colorado’s second-snowiest month.

Spring snowstorm in Colorado

I opened the kitchen blinds yesterday morning and gasped at the beauty outside. Ever twig, every blade of grass and every branch had been frosted with snow, the sky was pure blue, and the morning sun was just hitting the trees.

Admittedly, I hadn’t been thrilled to see the snow start Tuesday night—but who could remain cranky about a spring snow that created such a gorgeous spectacle?

Spring snowstorm

By afternoon, the snow was gone. Today, the high temperature is supposed to be 65 degrees.

Spring snow

Tomorrow, though, the forecast calls for more snow.

Because—lest we forget—March is typically our snowiest month.

Happy March,

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  1. Wow, looks beautiful! Here in Norway we can expect quite a lot of snow in March too, but so far we’ve only had rain… We have actually had such a bad weather this winter that we have only seen the sun 3 or 4 days since Christmas! That blue sky in your pictures makes me jealous! 🙂

  2. That was a lovely fluffy snow, wasn’t it? I passed by a roadside landscaped with river rock and each rock was a lumpy, fluffy little hillock. So cool! Sometimes we love our snow. Great pictures!

  3. I love your website!! I see you’re still enjoying winter…sending some sunshine your way!!!

    I enjoy reading your blog and I’m inspired as I just started mine.

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