January Money Diet Day 24 – Cancel Something

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The expenses we pay month after month, year after year, can really add up. Evaluate your ongoing monthly expenses and ask yourself whether you’re truly getting your money’s worth from your hard-earned dollars. Could you eliminate something and pocket the savings each month?

By now you probably know many people who have cancelled their home telephone service, and simply use their mobile phone for calls. How much do you  spend each month for a land line? How many quality calls do you receive, and how many telemarketing calls do you receive? Can you still justify the cost?

Are you happy with your cable or satellite TV bill? Some people don’t pay a nickle for cable TV yet still enjoy dozens of free stations. David Sirota wrote an excellent, detailed article for Salon that explains exactly how to get rid of cable TV and still see all the programs you want. Many of your favorite programs are probably online, too. Sites like Hulu and Crackle feature hundreds of movies and free TV shows available on demand. YouTube often features clips or full programs of popular shows, too. You may even be able to connect your laptop to your TV and watch shows from your favorite networks right on the big screen. I’m not a techie, but I purchased a cable at my local Radio Shack for less than $20, and we were enjoying online TV within minutes.

Speaking of entertainment, do you subscribe to Netflix or another service with a monthly fee? Could you get movies from the library or Redbox instead? And what about subscriptions to periodicals? If you find you’re regularly recycling publications without reading them, perhaps it’s time to do your reading online or check out publications free from the library.

Does your dog go to the groomer regularly? Learn how to do it yourself, and save both time and money.

Could you cut your own lawn and let the lawn service go? (What about eliminating your lawn altogether and replacing it with hardy clover, xeriscaping — or edible plants?)

Are you regularly using that gym membership, or could you jog, walk and work out at home?

Today’s Homework assignment:  Go through your expenses with a ruthless eye, and see if you can find anything to cancel. Or if you’ve recently found a monthly expense to eliminate, be sure to let us know about it.


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January Money Diet Day 24 – Cancel Something

  • Targeting recurring payments is a great way to save money. You do the canceling once and enjoy the savings indefinitely. I wrote a list of 15 such payments to cancel just before the new year’s.

  • Logan

    The January 24th posting is an absolutely first rate idea. As an older person, we have accummulated far too many magazines subscriptions. Since we watch very little TV. Why do need 250+ channels on satellite? Better question: Why do we need TV at all? There are going to be some changes made. Thank you.

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