January Money Diet Day 8 – Clear a Space

Photo: Mirage Floors

Photo: Mirage Floors

Welcome to Day 8 of the January Money Diet, a 31-day break from nonessential spending. If you’ve just joined us, jump right in and don’t worry about catching up.

Clearing space is a gift we give ourselves.

Organizing has many benefits. Along with the inner peace that comes from working and living in a calm space, organized living means you’ll spend less time looking for lost items and more time enjoying a visually pleasing, harmonious environment.

Last summer, I wrote a post about clearing a cabinet that held vases. I reduced my vase collection from 25 (that’s right, 25) to 13 (I know, I know — still too many, but making progress). Now, every time I open the cabinet I actually take a deep breath and feel calmer. The cabinet used to be a jam-packed source of stress, and now it’s a half-empty source of peace.

How about you? Would you like to create a little breathing room in your home?

Today’s Homework Assignment: Sometime in the coming days when you’re in the mood, spend at least 15 minutes decluttering one area. It can be a small or big project, depending on how much time you want to devote to it. You could simply straighten up your desk, get rid of unnecessary papers and clean your computer monitor until it sparkles. Or spend thirty minutes organizing the medicine cabinet. You could clean out your refrigerator and wipe down the shelves. Or tidy your bedroom so it feels like an oasis of calm at the end of the day. Unclutter the coat closet. Tackle one wall of the garage. Spend the afternoon straightening up the basement. It’s up to you. Just organize one spot, and bask in the satisfaction of a nice, clear space.

You deserve it, my friends.

For inspiration, you might enjoy Unclutterer and Organized Home.

If you clear a space and like the result, be sure to let us know about it!


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January Money Diet Day 8 – Clear a Space

  • Heather

    I organized my refrigerator today! It looks so nice and clean and full of good food, finally cleaned out almost all of the allergy food from our house… big sigh of relief.

  • Julia

    Finally took the tree down which allowed us to move a big chair from the “guest room” (think dumping ground) to the living room. This move will allow access to filing cabinets in said “guest room” which we don’t use but have wanted to get rid if for a while but couldn’t get to due to big chair and other junk. This move will also allow use of clothes tree, I mean treadmill, in guest room as it is way too cold here to exercise outside. I also organized the pantry, fridge, laundry room, and 2 cupboards. Thanks for the motivation!!!

  • Mary Abel

    Over the holidays I had two completely uninterrupted days all to myself. Instead of sitting on the couch and reading (which is what I usually do with alone time), I cleaned out every closet and drawer in the house. A truly and deeply satisfying experience!

  • Squirrelers

    I think that decluttering is actually an underrated way to improve one’s finances. Occasionally can we get rid of and sell some things, but most items might be simply thrown out – which is fine. It instills clarity of thought and a realization that much of what we buy (in terms of material things) might not be entirely necessary.

  • Again you and I are thinking alike. I went through all my restoration supplies yesterday and organized them. Nothing was tossed away but being tired not everything had been put back where it belonged taking longer to locate a tool when needed. Just that simple organization made a huge difference.

  • Mea Johnson

    Thanks for this assignment. It is totally in line with my week goal of clearing and creating a reading nook in my bedroom! I will put it in my agenda.

  • Olivia Mayer

    Did that this past weekend — decluttered a desk — it was soooo liberating.

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