Could Your Wallet Use the January Money Diet?

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Could you go 31 days without spending a dime on anything but the barest necessities? Whether you want to pay down debt, increase your savings, or simply take a breather after the holidays, you’re invited to join the January Money Diet and enjoy the benefits of participating with a like-minded community. Each day during January, I’ll post about one frugal-but-fun idea for dieters to try.

“This month has been great. It’s made a huge difference around here. I think before I purchase anything now. I was able to rationally think through our bad habit of eating out more than eating in and help the kids come along in that area.” – Sara, 2013 January Money Diet participant

You’ll have plenty of support from the hundreds of us who participate, and best of all, it’s completely free to join. All you have to do is go to the official January Money Diet page, enter your e-mail address to receive the daily updates, and leave a comment to make your participation official.

“Being part of the January Money Diet has helped me not only repurpose stuff, but also repurpose my life!! My creativity is flowing and I am excited to sustain many of the daily practices your introduced.” – Lyn, 2013 January Money Diet participant

The biggest surprise for most people who participate in this annual financial “diet” is that it’s downright fun. You might think that it would be a drag, not spending for more than four weeks, but we get resourceful and discover that we can have a really good time without spending cash. In fact, that’s one of the challengesto seek out fun, have some adventures, and even enjoy some splurgesjust without pulling out our wallets.

“This was a great exercise — thanks so much for the tips and inspiration. I was able to pay down some debt and increase my savings account, and am thrilled with the overall results. I’m continuing on into February with the goal of paying off my last credit card debt!” – Bobbie, 2013 January Money Diet participant

Not being able to spend forces us all to find creative ways to use and care for the things we already have, plan for the future, daydream, learn and try new things, and explore a lifestyle that is not based on spending money and accumulating more.

“I increased my income this month by about 150 Euros. I am very proud of what I have achieved, and will continue to try this. It’s been one of my goals for this year to live as frugally as possible, and I am off to a good start on this.” – Anja, 2013 January Money Diet participant

This is the January Money Diet’s fifth year, and what I’ve discovered is that starting the year this way encourages me to forge lasting habits. When I see how quickly money can accumulate when I am not frittering it away on dinners out, impulse purchases and more stuff, it’s very exciting. It inspires me to be more thoughtful about how I spend money the other 11 months of the year. The thing I like best of all? Your comments, and the experiences you share along the way.

“The beautiful truth to paying attention/being frugal is that we realize our quality of life does not suffer for it at all…in fact it definitely has improved. Thank you for an enlightening month!” – ElainieMay, 2013 January Money Diet participant

How about you? Would you like to try the January Money Diet this year?

“I was able to scrape together $200!” – Dina, 2013 January Money Diet participant

Are you in?

Together, we can accomplish big things! Here’s to 2014 and your happiest, most prosperous year yet.


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Could Your Wallet Use the January Money Diet?

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