Do Something Nice Today and Enjoy a Better Tomorrow

Getting the coffee ready

Are you familiar with the FlyLady? Marla Cilley, a.k.a. The FlyLady, has a wonderful system for getting your house organized, and whenever I faithfully follow her program I reap such benefits. By getting in a routine and consistently focusing my attention on one area of our house for just a few minutes every day, our home becomes tidier, less cluttered and more enjoyable.

Perhaps one of the things I love best about the FlyLady’s approach is her gentle, feel-good encouragement. For instance, one of her very first baby steps is to get in the habit of cleaning and shining your sink before you go to bed at night. In her sweet way, she tells you that in the morning when you see that sparkling sink she wants you to feel a hug from her. It’s funny, but when I do take time to clean and polish my sink at night, it always makes me feel happy the next morning.

So recently, I’ve expanded that idea of a morning blessing. I always make the coffee before I go to bed at night (and may I just say right now:  God bless the person who invented the automatic coffee maker). Now I also set out my coffee cup, my homemade healthy sweetener and a spoon on a pretty French floral dish. It’s like a little gift that I give to myself to make the morning ritual nicer, and it always makes me feel happy.

I’ve been exploring other ways to spread some love the day before for a better tomorrow.  For example, sometimes I lay out my clothes, undies, jewelry and shoes for the next day which always helps me feel a step ahead somehow. Recently I had a meeting downtown, and the night before I printed out the directions in a nice large font and taped the paper to the door so that I wouldn’t have to scramble and figure out where I was going at the last minute. I arrived at the meeting twenty minutes early, relaxed, and even found a great parking place!

How about you? Can you do something today to bless yourself tomorrow? I welcome your thoughts and comments, and hope you have a happy Friday, an even better Saturday and a really wonderful weekend.


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5 thoughts on “Do Something Nice Today and Enjoy a Better Tomorrow”

  1. I need to get back to this because I have not written in about a month, it’s a Grateful Journal. Grateful for what I have and grateful for what is coming our way. Indeed I have noticed a difference in my life since I stopped writing in it. Well, time to write! Loved your post and wishing you all good things and a wonderful weekend. Patty

  2. Ha! I’m actually experimenting with doing the opposite – allowing myself to leave some things until the next day so that I don’t have so many hours of chores to do before I can go to bed! I LOVE having things already done when I get up, but it just seems like I pay a big price in lost sleep.

    How are you managing adding more to your evening routine without staying up later? That’s a serious question… bedtime is a lifelong struggle for me! 🙂

  3. Certainly clearing up at night is a good idea. Whenever we have parties or gatherings, we always ensure that at least the major stuff is done before we go to bed and that the dishwasher has run. Nothing is worse than coming down to find glasses and plates all over the place. It really doesn’t take that much time and has to be done anyway.

  4. Thanks for a great post Eliza!

    I love the Fly Lady and try to abide a few of her warm-hearted recommendations.

    The great thing about getting everything ready the night before, is that the next morning you can slowly get yourself out of bed rather than having to race through the morning getting things done 🙂

    Take care and all the best.


  5. I try to think of the good things that happened during the day, and why the next day could be a really good day. Going to sleep with a clear mind can do wonders for waking up ready to go.


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