Free Book Giveaway – The Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms

Pocket guide to mushrooms at Happy Simple Living

I find the idea of foraging and cooking wild mushrooms quite intriguing, but I’ve always been scared to death to try. How about you?

Those stories of people being deathly poisoned by eating the wrong mushroom have always kept me away from even considering the idea of picking my own. However, authors Pelle Holmberg and Hans Marklund just might change my mind.

They’ve written a brilliant, well-illustrated guide to mushrooms which they’ve organized in the most sensible manner. The mushrooms documented in the pages of The Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms are each coded into four “risk zones” – 1, 2, 3, or 4 depending on the variety. Mushrooms that are ranked “1” are considered beginner mushrooms, those that can only be confused with other edible mushrooms. (Consider me firmly in the “1” camp.) Those marked with a “4,” on the other hand, can be confused with dangerously poisonous mushrooms.

The authors take it one step further, and also tag those mushrooms that are edible but rare so that we can leave them undisturbed. Preparing and preserving tips for each variety are handy when you’re ready to take the plunge and have a bite. All in all, this is a most useful book that I look forward to using to identify the mushrooms that pop up in our yard.

The 126-page book retails for $12.95, and our friends at Skyhorse Publishing have donated a nice, brand new copy for one lucky Happy Simple Living reader residing in the U.S. or Canada. To enter the giveaway, just leave a comment below and answer this question:

Have you ever tried eating a wild mushroom you picked yourself?

Feel free to share your fungi experiences, and remember, those wacky mushrooms you tried back in college don’t really count. Just kidding! The drawing will run through next Tuesday, July 30 at midnight MST, and the Rafflecopter box below has some additional ways you can enter. Good luck!


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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Congratulations to April, winner of the book!

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Free Book Giveaway – The Pocket Guide to Wild Mushrooms

  • Rosabella Norona

    Been hiking Table Rock State Park in South Carolina. This weekend, it became a nature hike with a couple. Took our time climbing and took pictures of mushrooms we found along the trail. Didn’t pick any and just enjoyed looking at them.

  • Adriana Gutierrez

    Yum! I love foraging for wild mushrooms! Would love to have the guide handY!

  • Julia Bride

    I have been hunting mushrooms since I was knee high to a grasshopper and so have my kids and now there kids. Love the hunt and the eatin my favorite is morels

  • chris


  • I love mushrooms, but am a seat of the pants cook. I just cook whatever comes to mind and am not much with a recipe book!

  • Joyce

    My first experience with picking mushrooms came in Cape Cod when on a trip with a couple friends. One from Russia, one from Germany (they currently live in the USA). On a bike trail they stopped and found a large amount of mushrooms and we had them in our omelet the next morning. I was a bit nervous but they were very yummy. I would love to win this book so the next time I can be of some help looking. My friend from Germany is actually innoculating logs to grow her own mushrooms.

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  • greenminimalism

    I’m not sure if mushroom picking is a good idea at all. Too much risk, don’t you think?

  • Hmm. I’d also be worried about picking the wrong ones!

  • Janice Lewis

    Every spring when the morels make their appearance I pick and eat as many as possible!!

  • jena

    No, I’ve always been interested but too chicken. I have grown my own mushrooms with one of those kits (mushrooms in a box in the closet) and I have dried them using a food dehydrator. I like the idea of grouping safe and dangerous mushrooms.

  • Nan Bixby

    I have always been scared I would not pick the right ones. I NEED this book.

  • Tore

    I love picking mushrooms, and just learnt it a few years back. I am so lucky to have a father in law who has been picking all his life, so he is not only a good teacher and good at it (after all he still is alive 😉 ) but he also know all the good places so after a few hours picking we get more then most people get during the hole season :).

    A few years ago I also got this book (im from scandinavia and got the original swedish book). But I still prefer learning from others who know the art both because they also know were to find, but also can teach much better then I think a book can.

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