Day 16 of the January Money Diet – Learn a New Skill

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We’ve officially passed the halfway mark of the January Money Diet! With 15 days to go, we’re on the downhill side of a month without spending. Congratulations to all of you who have risen to the task and are approaching these 31 days with creativity and resolve. Thanks to all who have left comments, too; you’ve inspired and motivated all of us!

Today’s challenge is to explore learning a new skill. What have you always wanted to learn? January is a great month to acquire a new skill, and it doesn’t need to cost a penny.  Have you always wished you could lay your own tile? Your local home improvement store may offer a free workshop. Jewelry making? The library is full of illustrated books, and instructions abound on the internet. (I’m reading several books on this very topic this week!) Cooking? Ask a friend to teach you how to bake bread, or watch a cooking show and learn how to make homemade pasta.

Take an online tutorial and learn a new computer skill. Pull out the instruction manual and learn about all those mysterious settings on your camera. Research your genealogical roots. Try your hand at calligraphy. Read about furniture refinishing. Or simply spend an afternoon browsing the nonfiction shelves at the library, and see what new topic catches your fancy.

Homework assignment #16: Learn something new this month – and be sure to leave a comment and tell us about it!

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P.S. In case you’ve just joined us, the January Money Diet is a challenge to take a 31-day break from nonessential spending. You can learn more about the money diet here — and jump right in!


Win a Deluxe Happy Simple Living Gift Basket

In honor of the January Money Diet, I’ll be giving away a gift box chock-full of home and garden goodies plus a signed copy of my new book 101 Things To Do With Bacon. On January 31, 2013, I’ll draw one random name from everyone who commented during the month and that lucky person will win the gift basket. I hope you’ll stop by often this month and share your own ideas, thoughts and experiences about taking a 31-day break from nonessential spending.


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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

Day 16 of the January Money Diet – Learn a New Skill

  • Jane Bloss

    I would have recommended learning the art of hanging wallpaper in the mid 80s. No one wanted that task! 🙂 I have been playing around with a couple of ideas including meal planning/meal preparation for busy professionals. And personal tutoring basic computer usage. Just a couple of thoughts..

  • Deborah Gore

    I want to learn to lay a brick patio. I have checked out a book from the library and I am going to ask my neighbor for his advice. He is always willing to give his advice in exchange for a pound cake or homemade bread!

  • ElainieMay

    I have a good one in mind…simple plumbing

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