Day 5 of the January Money Diet – Fix Something

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“The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining.” ~ John F. Kennedy

Today is all about instant gratification, so let’s agree to fix or mend something, using materials we already have.

January — especially a January when one has a few idle hours because one isn’t patronizing online retailers or shopping malls — is the perfect time to make something shiny and new again. So go ahead, sew the missing button on your sweater. Or polish your scuffed boots. Touch up the chipped paint on the door trim. Glue the handle back on the teapot. Patch the hole in the drywall. Restring those broken beads.

I’m going to tighten the handles on the bathroom sink faucet that have gotten loose, and go around the house with a can of WD-40 and tackle the squeaky doors. How about you?

Homework Assignment #5: Repair something this weekend, and then tell us what you fixed.


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Day 5 of the January Money Diet – Fix Something

  • Martha

    Several days later, I have a clean dishwasher! It needed scrubbing and more scrubbing. Then I get so fed up with it that I broke down and ran it through with bleach for disinfecting. Is that close enough to fixing? It sure looks better!

  • Dina

    unfortunatley, I have not been getting emails since day 2… I just stumbled across this today, day 6, and trying to get myself caught up…


  • Bobbie

    I didn’t really have anything (that I could find) to fix or repair within my range of competencies, so I spent the day organizing closets, drawers and cabinets.

  • Melissa

    I fixed a broken pair of earrings as well as a Christmas ornament today. Felt good to get those items out of a drawer and back where they belong.

  • Mariah O.

    I fixed the hems of some curtains that had begun to unravel and one curtain that had a uneven hem.

  • Deborah Gore

    Sewing on some missing buttons and taking up a pair of pants. Clothes I gave not worn in months. It feels like I went shopping!!!!! I am enjoying the time at home.

  • Andy Johnson

    Today, instead of running errands and shopping in town, we spent the morning cleaning the chicken coop. I know that doesn’t sound thrilling to city folks, but it was just so nice to have the extra time to get an extra chore done – especially with the warmer temps (36 degrees today). 🙂

  • I don’t think I’ve fixed anything myself yet this year, but my husband spent some time last night cutting an old pair of work jeans and patching other work jeans to extend their life a little longer.

  • I have a big pile of clothes to sew and mend or with missing buttons! Great to do while watching TV 🙂

  • Leah

    Yeah! I got a jump start on this on my own. I spent last night
    with my pile of shirts and pants with missing buttons, badges to be sewn on cub blankets, grocery bags with broken straps and I fixed it all!
    I’m going to look around and see what else I can do today.

  • Not sure if you count this as fixing something but I had a half dead aloe plant that made my place feel neglected. I saved a new shoot and picked apart the rest of it to salvage the aloe inside. Dead things bother me so. Today I found two chairs set out for trash and dragged them in. They need a good sanding and a fresh paint job and reupholstered. I have everything I need already here so will start tackling that project.

  • GC

    Sewing missing buttons on clothing, stitching a tear in my bedspread.

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