A Simple, Time-Saving Dishwasher Tip

Loading the dishwasher at Happy Simple Living blog

I read this idea recently, and if I were Homer Simpson I would have smacked my forehead and said “D’oh!” You may already do this, but the little light bulb went off for me.

When you’re putting silverware in your dishwasher’s basket, simply load the alike silverware together: spoons together in one section, knives in another, gadgets in another. When it’s time to put the silverware away, it’s already sorted.

So simple.



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8 thoughts on “A Simple, Time-Saving Dishwasher Tip”

  1. I actually mix mine up on purpose because when they are in the same section together sometimes they nest against each other and don’t come clean – nothing worse that a bunch of soup spoons stuck together with remnants of potato soup!

    • Thanks for comment, Michele, and for making a good point. I splay our pieces out and put some upside down and some right side up. Now if someone could just invent a dishwasher that unloads itself…ha! 🙂

  2. I’m with Michele. I don’t put like with like because the spoons like to spoon. Instead, I just grab all the knives first and put them away, then grab all the forks, etc.

    And I’m with you, Eliza, on the dishwasher that unloads itself. Unloading it is one of my most disliked chores.

  3. Yeah, we keep ours assorted as well, because just look at the spoons in the picture above, a lot of them are bunched together, and they might not get any water or soap and would come out cruddy. The silverware takes 2-3 minutes as it is, not a huge amount of savings. Maybe we’ll try it just for kicks, though 🙂


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