You Could Win a Signed Copy of My Newest Book, “101 Things To Do With Bacon”

101 Things To Do With Bacon at Happy Simple Living

As many of you know, when I’m not blogging about happy simple living I’m a full-time writer. This year my fifth book was published, a cookbook about one of my favorite foods. 101 Things To Do With Bacon is already in its third printing, which isn’t surprising given how passionate many people are about crunchy, crispy bacon.

Happy Simple Living and the Book Lover's Holiday Giveaway HopHappy Simple Living is proud to be participating in the Book Lovers’ Holiday Giveaway Hop, sponsored by two terrific blogs — I Am A Reader, Not A Writer and Kid Lit Frenzy. You could win your very own signed copy of my book simply by leaving a comment below about your favorite way to enjoy bacon — whether it’s a BLT, a bacon weave, bacon-wrapped jalapenos or peanut butter bacon cupcakes. Be sure to include your e-mail address on the form when you post your comment (it won’t show to anyone but me). The drawing is open to anyone with a shipping address in the U.S. and Canada. The giveaway will end at midnight MST on Tuesday, December 6, and I’ll announce the random winner on the 7th.

I’m happy to personalize the inscription if you want to give the book away as a holiday gift. Good luck!


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P.S. If you like bacon, check out the exclusive society for bacon lovers Bensa International–like Mensa, but without the IQ test!–where you can also purchase copies of the cookbook for a reduced price.

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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

You Could Win a Signed Copy of My Newest Book, “101 Things To Do With Bacon”

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