A Celebration of Apples at Cider Days

This weekend we went to Lakewood, Colorado for the annual Cider Days festival. It’s become something of an October tradition for our family to attend this old-fashioned event — now in its 35th year — which celebrates so many of the things we love:  old cars, tractors, antiques, homesteading skills demonstrations, arts and crafts booths, carnival food, pie-eating contests, live music — and plenty of sweet, crisp apples.

One of the first stops we make each year at the festival is the cider tent for fresh-pressed apple juice. There are several old hand-cranked presses set up for people to try, and the apple juice doesn’t get any fresher than this:

There are booths set up along the paths at Lakewood’s Heritage Center. Here we got up close and personal with a horned owl at the Wild Wings Environmental Education booth:

Volunteers show off old-fashioned textile skills like lacemaking:

…spinning wool:

…and weaving:

This volunteer demonstrates the bygone skill of rug hooking. She cuts strips from old wool clothing to create the ‘yarn’ that she carefully hooks through burlap to make a rug. These days we call it recycling, but even a century ago it was common to repurpose precious fabric scraps for everything from doll clothes to rugs to quilts.

Fittingly, a huge old apple tree stretches its branches at the east side of the Lakewood Heritage Center:

As a single mom I sometimes wrestle with whether I should break down and invest in the high-tech games and electronics my son enjoys so much at his dad’s house. After I tucked him into bed on Saturday night, we shared our day’s Highs and Lows and my son practically shouted, “Cider Days!” for his High. I’m glad the old-fashioned attractions of this festival resonate with him, and I know deep-down that our kids usually truly enjoy spending time with us, being outside in the fresh air — and simply having fun.

In my next posting, I’ll share a recipe for an easy apple dessert. Until then, enjoy these glorious autumn days!

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  1. A day of revisiting the past! Seeing the images of craftspeople weaving, making lace, and hooking rugs helped me appreciate the art behind those crafts. How generous that they take the time to show how art is created. Thanks!


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