Grow Your Own Sprouts – Part #3

After 5 days in the kitchen window (and yes, it’s snowing again here), the sprouts are ready for harvest!

Alfalfa Sprouts - Day 6

Although it’s Day 6, they’ve technically been sprouting for five days because I started taking photographs right after starting the seeds.

After rinsing and draining the sprouts one last time, I measured them:

Two teaspoons of seeds grew to more than a cup of sprouts, about the equivalent of the retail package I found for $3.99. There are 16 teaspoons of seeds in the 4-ounce bag (my cost: $2.49), so each batch of sprouts costs about 31 cents – or about 8 percent of retail price!

The sprouts are fresh, crunchy and so, so good. We’ll be using them in a recipe next; stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Sprouts – Part #3”

  1. Kudos Eliza for your health conscious sharing! Have you grown wheat grass for juicing as yet? Wonderful benefits. Raw and organic; what a concept!!! A mere century ago most everyone did not have a choice.

    What happened to us?

  2. Eliza. Let me know your thoughts on the wheat grass. A friend has a fool proof system he put together to keep the harvest coming in.

    My favorite are the horseradish sprouts!

  3. I am using lentils for sprouts – its what I had. They are taking longer, over a week and not quite ready. I really am looking forward to that sandwich!


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