Better Butter

The new “spreadable” butters contain butter and canola oil, and promise “Soft Even When Cold!” “Low in saturated fats and cholesterol!” and “No transfatty acids!” At my local grocery store, an 8-ounce plastic tub of Challenge Spreadable Butter sells for $2.49. We make our own instead, for about 80 cents. Simply whisk together one softened 4-ounce stick of butter (I buy it on sale and freeze it, when it’s $2.50 a pound, or 63 cents a stick) and ½ cup of canola oil (about 17 cents) and add a little sea salt if you like. Spoon it into a container, cover and chill in the refrigerator. Makes 1 cup.


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4 thoughts on “Better Butter”

  1. Humm…I wonder if it would work the same (using the same amount of oil as you did) with olive or coconut oil? I buy a butter-olive oil spreadable currently, but it is expensive…I remember mom used to buy stick butter and whip and salt it herself…

  2. I typically buy an imported spreadable butter from Trader Joes. But this recipe sounds incredibly easy, simple and so cost-wise. I can’t wait to give it a try! Yeah for green, sustainable DIY! Thanks, Eliza!

  3. This is an old post so it’s possible no one will read my comment but oh well… I make what the Mayo Clinic called ‘better butter’ by mixing one pound of softened butter with 2 cups oil. I use salted butter and occasionally add 1/2 tspn salt as well (my family prefers it more salty). I put the butter in my stand mixer using the paddle and slowly mix in the oil (sort of like making mayonnaise but a little faster). You can gauge how fast by watching the mixture – as soon as the oil is incorporated, add some more.

    I’ve used olive oil and avocado oil. I prefer the olive oil but my family prefers the avocado (more neutral flavour). I wouldn’t use coconut oil because its hardens in the fridge defeating the purpose. I use coconut oil for almost everything else except salad dressings.

    Hope this helps.

  4. You want to have the butter very soft – almost to the liquid stage but not quite before you add the oil. If it’s not quite soft enough when you start, let the mixer soften it some more before you start adding oil. One pound of butter turns into a lot of ‘better butter’ so you could make 1/2 pound if you wanted.


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