These blogs and websites are some of my personal favorites.

Simple Living

  • Zen Habits – Leo Babauta’s blog has inspired me in so many ways. He has a down-to-earth way of encouraging good habits like practicing gratitude, decluttering and living more mindfully.
  • Rowdy Kittens – Tammy Strobel pared down her possessions to just 100 items, and her blog is a fascinating read about the authentic, minimalist lifestyle.
  • Just Live Simple – A smartly written blog with a man’s perspective on simplifying, written by James L. Carey.
  • Living a Simple Life – Several bloggers write about their varied thoughts and experiences on the topics of voluntary simplicity, minimalism, introspection, lifestyle design, homesteading, self-sufficiency and frugality.

Simplifying Your Finances

  • The Simple Dollar – Trent Hamm’s inspiring blog was borne of what he calls his ‘financial meltdown’ in 2006. I appreciate his real-life examples and down-to-earth personal finance advice.
  • Get Rich Slowly – This blog covers frugality, saving and investing with a wealth of personal finance topics from getting out of debt to beating procrastination.
  • Sustainable Personal Finance is written by a husband and wife team, and topics range from quitting smoking and home renovation to healthy diets for dogs and organic gardening.

Good Food & Recipes

  • The Ethicurian is a site that covers news, policy, safety, cooking and eating sustainable, organic, local food –  for people who want to “chew the right thing.”
  • Eggs on Sunday is one of my very favorite sites. The adorable and inspired Amy from Ithaca posts fabulous photos and recipes for cooking with whole, natural, seasonal ingredients.
  • The Pioneer Woman Cooks – This is the recipe section of Ree Drummond’s award-winning blog, and I love her accessible, yummy recipes and instructive photographs. If you like her blog, you will love her cookbook!
  • Stone Soup – a blog about minimalist home cooking, with great recipes and gorgeous photography.
  • I absolutely love the King Arthur Flour blog, which has inspired many baking adventures here including making pitas from scratch. You’ll find recipes and photos posted by various members of the company’s staff as well as plenty of readers’ comments about improvements and substitutions for the recipes.
  • Piece of Cake is a fun blog to visit when you’re in the mood to make a special dessert; I constantly find surprises there like Nutella Cupcakes.

Home Organizing

  • FlyLady – I love the FlyLady’s warm, understanding tone and the Baby Steps she suggests for creating small habits to manage a busy home.
  • Unclutterer – Daily tips with tons of ideas for creating a clutter-free home and office.


  • Kevin Kossowan is the real deal. He and his family live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and he’s what you might call a Renaissance Man. He hunts. He gardens. He builds outdoor ovens and cold frames. He does his own butchering in the garage, and makes his own wine. The man makes his own bacon, for gosh sakes. He’s serious about sustainable living, and I can spend hours getting lost on his blog.
  • Homestead-Hearth is a community-minded blog with articles about homesteading, self sufficiency, gardening, sustainable living and survivalism.

Living in a Not So Big House

  • Perfect Little House has wonderful,  modestly-sized house plans – all with old-fashioned front porches and options for sustainable construction.
  • Little House in the Valley is a blog full of information about small house plans, saving for a home and personal finance.

Frugal Living

  • Go Gingham is a fun, upbeat site with thrifty ways to add style to your life. Sara writes about many of my favorite topics – home & garden, budgeting, food, family life and indulging (because what fun is thrifty living if you can’t indulge once in a while)?
  • Real Life Living is a homespun blog written by Annie in Kansas City, where she shares real-life menu planning ideas, practical grocery shopping strategies, her own frugal purchases, creative ways to stretch money, gardening tips and more.
  • Miss T was raised on the prairie, and her blog Prairie Eco Thrifter has green-themed ideas about saving money, getting organized, reducing waste, gardening and more.

Fun Reading

  • Eco Cat Lady Speaks is both practical and entertaining, with posts about simple living intermixed with hilarious photos, cat memes, and Eco Cat Lady’s thoughts on life.
  • For a dose of French food, culture and great photos, I love the blog written by David Lebovitz, author of My Paris Kitchen and The Sweet Life in Paris.
  • From Argentina with Love is written by my friend Rebecca Caro, with stories and photos from her many travels to Argentina and incredible recipes.
  • The Lara Blog:  To live is to fly, and other scribbles

Gardening – Favorite Seed and Plant Companies

Favorite Eco-Friendly Publications

I always love discovering sites and blogs that relate to great food, organic gardening, saving money and simple living, and welcome your recommendations!

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