3 New Things About the January Money Diet

Do something amazing in 2018


Dear friends,

The 9th annual January Money Diet starts this Monday. Have you signed up? Here’s what’s new this year:

#1. Even if you’ve participated in past years, because we’re using a new mailing company you’ll need to sign up one time here:  JanuaryMoneyDiet.com.

It’s easy — just enter your first name and e-mail address, and you’ll receive the daily e-mails (every day but Sunday) and challenges throughout January.

#2. This year during the January Money Diet, we’ll be giving special attention to making our homes nice. January is the perfect month for creating a comfortable, uncluttered “nest,” — without spending money, of course!

#3. We’ve created a new private JMD Facebook group for support and encouragement. Just request to join and we’ll get you approved. While you’re there, be sure to introduce yourself!

So far we have 2018 JMD participants from Norway, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Canada, the U.K., Australia, Singapore and the U.S. Welcome to all of you!

I can’t wait to embark on this adventure with you.

Here’s to doing amazing things together in 2018,

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Eliza Cross is a full-time writer and the author of a dozen books about food and home design. She has been blogging about simplicity and sustainable living since 2006.

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