20 Great Foods You Can Make From Scratch

Make Something by Hand | January Money Diet


Dear friends,

It’s already January 25, and we have just seven days left in the January Money Diet — a week to stay focused and finish strong!

Here’s a fun challenge:  make something from scratch that you might normally buy at the store. You’ll save money and have complete control over the quality of ingredients.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Graham crackers

English muffins


Greek yogurt


Chocolate Truffles


Dim Sum

Pita bread




Barbecue Sauce



Spaghetti Sauce

Ricotta Cheese



How About You?

If you make something from scratch this week, will you leave a comment on this page let us know what you create?

If you’re on Pinterest you can check out all these foods and more on my “Foods From Scratch” board.


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20 Great Foods You Can Make From Scratch

  • Bread and vanilla yogurt (a gallon each week) are our homemade staples. English muffins sound great!

  • Anne

    Vegan “Cheese” its pricey and not easy to find…tried my hand at a homemade batch…WOW! Wont be spending $10 plus for a 500g container again. Also made vegan chili with TVP and dried beans in the crockpot — easy peasy, wonderful, filling, nutrient filled and OH SO easy on the pocketbook. AND it made whole lot of lunches(guesstimate 8 lunch servings) and 2 dinners for less than$10 total

  • Susan Trimble

    I make cheddar garlic bread. It calls for flour, shredded cheese, garlic salt and club soda. I can make 4 loaves at a time which is plenty to freeze and give away.

  • Colette

    I made cabbage rolls for the first time and they turned out amazing, even with the minor alterations that I made. Our grocery store was selling them for $5 each (this is Canada).

  • Carolyn

    Just checked your list of foods to make (a keeper!) – and clicked onto chocolate truffles!!! YES! OK, we’re trying not to spend this month BUT when a local grocer sold Ghirardelli bittersweet chips for 59cents, another sold whipping cream for 10cents per pint (both within date code!) what could I do? Made my 2nd batch of truffles and SO appreciate your suggestion of chopping chocolate fine, etc. – batch #3 coming up!

  • Jayne

    Just made a batch of home made Pop Tarts. Can’t wait to pick my kids up from school at 1.30pm so they can try them. I also plan on making the English muffins you posted above. Thanks so much!

  • Susan Trimble

    Eliza I have spent the last 20 minutes looking at recipes for lattes. Thank you so much for all of the suggestions. I’ll let you know what I try.

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